BIOL 102 Quiz 4

BIOL 102 Quiz 4 Liberty University

  1. In a resting person every minute, 20% of the blood enters the ____.​
  2. The heart condition caused by a Streptococcus infection is ____.​
  3. Blood leaving the left ventricle must pass by which structure before entering the aorta?​
  4. ​Which blood type is rare?
  5. The pulmonary circuit of blood flow pumps blood to the ____.​
  6. The systemic circulation of blood flow begins when blood enters the ____.​
  7. ​What initiates the extrinsic clotting mechanism?
  8. The pulmonary veins deliver blood to the ____.​
  9. ​The first step in the prevention of blood loss from an injured vessel is ____.
  10. Blood leaving the legs and pelvis returns to the heart through the ____.​
  11. ​Plasma consists mostly of ____.
  12. When LDLs infiltrate a vessel wall, which cells make the situation worse by activating the inflammatory response?​
  13. In which structure would you find oxygenated blood?​
  14. A heart attack occurs when cardiac cells receive an inadequate supply of ____.​
  15. What percentage of heart cells are part of the cardiac conduction system?​
  16. ​The target tissue for erythropoietin is ____.
  17. Movement of skeletal muscles helps propel blood through ____.​
  18. ​Fever, weight loss, internal bleeding are possible signs of ____.
  19. ​When the amount of oxygen in the blood falls, the kidneys release ____.
  20. ​Aspirin helps prevent blood clots by ____.
  21. Exchange of materials between blood and tissues depends upon ____.​
  22. The tough tendon-like structures that anchor the AV valves are the ____.​
  23. What regulates blood flow through a capillary bed?​
  24. Which of the following is NOT a risk factor for hypertension?​
  25. ​A woman who is Rhbecomes pregnant by a man who is Rh+. Which statement is true?
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