BIOL 102 Quiz 2

BIOL 102 Quiz 2 Liberty University

  1. Which type of tissue produces a matrix that surrounds and supports cells?​
  2. Arsenic poisoning affects ATP production by ____.​
  3. The heart is located in which body cavity?​
  4. ​Which system maintains posture and body temperature?
  5. Which system defends against infections and cancer?​
  6. Mucus is secreted onto membrane surfaces by ____.​
  7. The integument consists of all of the following EXCEPT ____.​
  8. The extracellular fluid is ____.​
  9. What organelle inactivates toxins?​
  10. Which transport process requires ATP utilization?​
  11. Which skin disorder is caused by a type of herpes virus?​
  12. Sebaceous glands in the skin produce ____.​
  13. The two basic types of tissue membranes are ____.​
  14. Which layer of the integument contains stratified squamous cells?​
  15. What organelle is the site of ATP production?​
  16. ​When the body utilizes fats for energy the fatty acids enter which pathway of the metabolic cycle?
    specifically glycolysis in the liver
  17. Which system functions to maintain blood volume and composition?​
  18. What type of microscope uses magnetic lenses to bend beams of electrons?​
  19. Which membrane reduces friction in joints?​
  20. What molecule is the body’s main energy source?​
  21. The organelle that converts harmful hydrogen peroxide to water and oxygen is the ____.​
  22. A chromosome ____.​
  23. During glycolysis, phosphate groups are transferred to glucose from ATP. This process is called ____.​
  24. Muscle that is striated and voluntary is ____.​
  25. Assuming one glucose molecule being metabolized, what is the net yield of ATP in the cell under anaerobic conditions?​
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