BIBL 700 Hermeneutical Skills

BIBL 700 Hermeneutical Skills and Competencies Assignment

In the book, Invitation to Biblical Interpretation, at the end of chapter one, and then again in chapter sixteen, the following six “vital skills,” or “interpretive and communicative competencies” are listed: (1) Historical-cultural awareness; (2) Canonical consciousness; (3) Sensitivity to genre; (4) Literary and linguistic competence; (5) A firm and growing grasp of biblical theology; and (6) An ability to apply and proclaim passages from every biblical genre to life. In a six part essay, describe the significance and utility of each of these skills and competencies in the context of a Bible exposition ministry. Target length for this assignment is at least 3000 words, with 500 or more words per each “skill” listed. Standard Turabian/SBL format is required for the assignment.

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