AVMX 451 Quiz 4

AVMX 451 Quiz 4 / Test 4

  1. Which of the following may be allowed as a designated smoking area?
  2. What are the basic requirements for a quality control inspector under 14 CFR 121?
  3. Which of the following may be allowed as a designated smoking area?
  4. Which document provides a summary of the entire maintenance safety program for a given M&E?
  5. What is the purpose of the Reliability function in CASS?
  6. Which of the following is true as it relates to quality control inspection?
  7. Which of the following is/are considered to be “bogus” part? (Select all that apply.)
  8. Which of the following is NOT a support function of Material?
  9. The two main approaches to measuring reliability are:
  10. Who is responsible for establishing an appropriate maintenance safety program for a given M&E organization?
  11. What is the purpose of the Reliability function in CASS?
  12. Once it is determined that an alert is valid and it has been determined that there is an issue with either policy or procedure, which group is responsible for investigating the root cause of the alert?
  13. Data used to keep track of maintenance events are categorized based on
  14. “Parts handling” is sometimes referred as
  15. Which of the following materials or consumables would you suspect have a shelf life? (Select all that apply.)
  16. Under OSHA regulations, an incident while under the authority of an M&E involving which of the following would be required to be reported to the M&E safety manager. (Select all that apply.)
  17. Larger organizations will use designated inspectors in quality control which only perform functions of quality control, known as dedicated inspectors. This is to keep the separation between the inspector and the inspected. Smaller operations which do not have the resources for completely separate quality control will use delegated inspectors which at times will perform the tasks of maintenance, and at other times perform the tasks of quality control. To maintain the separation of inspectors from the inspected, however, it is considered that during the inspection activities (QC), the delegated inspector is working for quality control and not the maintenance function or work center.
  18. In the function of quality assurance, as well as audit the M&E for regulatory and operational compliance, the supervisor or director of audits is required to audit all outside vendors and contractors which have dealings with the M&E organization.
  19. When watching for alert levels which are exceeded, it is not a single event which is looked for, but rather a trend over a couple of months.
  20. Event oriented reliability is concerned with one-time events such as bird strikes and hard landings, and therefore produces very good historical and statistical data.
  21. The airline safety officer is required to make the appropriate MSDS readily available to anyone who may use, or come in contact with a given material.
  22. Match the proper description with the appropriate Material department.
  23. Discuss the reasons both for and against having what function controls Material, Maintenance or Finance?
  24. Why would the director of maintenance never be part of any of the oversight functions (Continuing Analysis and Surveillance System or CASS)
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