AVIA 230 Quiz 5

AVIA 230 Quiz 5 Liberty University

  1. The _________ was a key to enabling aircraft to be reliably controlled without a human pilot on board.
  2. The use of a starter/generator saves considerable _________ (and ______ on the accessory gearbox), while reducing the overall complexity of the accessory drive system.
  3. This type of testing does not only put the autopilot and light computer software through their paces, but may also verify the function of the servos and control services prior to an actual flight.
  4. Increased ___________ translates into reduced payload, range, and endurance.
  5. Components of parasite drag do not include:
  6. ____________________ of sensor packages and increasing reliability in small airframes and subsystems has enabled some mission capabilities, originally only achievable by relatively large and expensive UASs, to be scaled to smaller UASs.
  7. _______________ testing is widely used for the verification of the aircraft control system, sensor/payload integration, and the CS interface.
  8. UAS performance is most clearly defined by the ________ system, with the greatest capability coming from turbine engines.
  9. The design of both manned and unmanned aircraft must achieve some necessary threshold of performance and reliability while minimizing_______
  10. EMI is a type of _________.
  11. While UASs have sometimes provided opportunity for _______________ against competing manned aircraft, this is not universally true.
  12. Any UAS platform should be chosen or designed according to the rule of
  13. Unmanned aircraft performance is most clearly defined by the ______________ system.
  14. Larger sUAS may use an internal combustion engine for propulsion and to drive a _________ as the primary source of electrical power.
  15. The difference between geometric and effective pitch is referred to as _______.
  16. Materials for a manned aircraft airframe are generally selected to provide maximum strength and stiffness with minimum
  17. For current UAS design, the requirements for safe operations in the NAS dictate that design starts with the ____________ system to enable the operator to remain on the control loop as a monitor or in the control loop to carry out manual tasks.
  18. The ____________ system is typically composed of a microprocessor or computer that runs algorithms designed to control the aircraft over a preplanned flight path,
  19. At the most basic level, the UA exists only as a platform to carry the _________ necessary to successfully accomplish mission goals.
  20. The design of any given unmanned aircraft system (UAS) will correspond directly to the______________ of the platform.
  21. The _________________ should take precedence above all other factors in a ground-up design of a UAS.
  22. This engine type uses internal combustion, an eccentric shaft, and apex seals
  23. What type of customers are the primary drive to the development of UAS?
  24. The aircraft platform and all subsystems and components should function _________________ as a system to optimize overall operational capability of the UAS in achieving mission goals.
  25. Although industry influence of the design (and operation) of UASs is closely bound to the regulatory process, the influence of industry standards may be strong without the undergirding force of the
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