YOUT 350 Test

YOUT 350 Test Liberty

  1. In getting to know the school,
    we should look at the [a] of the school, [b] of school spirit, and find out who the school [c]
  2. List the three levels of the pyramid in contacting.
    Being [a]
    b. Being [b]
    c. Being [c]
  3. Some general suggestions for contacting include:
    Practice the discipline of learning [a] .
    Look for ways to [b] young people.
  4. With regards to what is contact work:
    Contact work is [a] the right to be [b]. Contact work is understanding and penetrating a [c].
  5. There are six influences shaping our culture:

    [a] is relative.

    b. Downward [b].

    c. [c] has become our most import commodity.

    d. Pursuit of [d].

    e. Redefining of the [e].

    f. Increase in personal and social destructive [f].

  6. List the four elements of camping: [a], [b], [c], and [d].
  7. With regards to a Youth Center, your program will be determined by these three things: [a], [b], and [c].
  8. The art of delegation is not essential in ministry.
  9. Human nature, creation, absolute truth, and role of the church are values we disagree on with the public schools:
  10. We will not understand the true value of volunteers unless we take a short term view of ministry.
  11. Reconciliation is considered closing the distance between two parties that have been estranged from one another.
  12. God invaded is best matched with God taking the first step.
  13. God identified is best matched with humanity’s deepest needs.
  14. Economic expectations have not contributed to the time famine.
  15. There are only three restrictions to relative truth.
  16. Technology has not delivered the leisure it advertises.
  17. Volunteers are a great deal of work.
  18. A person who takes the Gospel to other cultures beyond the reach of the church is considered a missionary.
  19. Health, knowledge, sexual responsibility, and steward of nature are values that we agree on with public schools.
  20. God initiated is best matched with God permeating the world.
  21. Volunteers will not make us feel insecure.
  22. In Wanda Urbanska’s book, The Singular Generation, she writes that we have learned how to trust in our relationships.
  23. Unregenerated young people do not respond accountability and openness in financial dealings.
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