THEO 202 Quiz 6

Liberty THEO 202 Quiz 6 Answers

Set 1

  1. Which is not an image of the church?
  2. Transubstantiation means:
  3. There is limited data in the Bible for church membership.
  4. The doctrine of the church is also known as:
  5. What is the church militant?
  6. The primary role of the pastor is to
  7. In Acts 6, deacons are expected to do all of the following except:
  8. Sacraments and ordinances are the same thing.
  9. Because the church is not essential to the gospel, it is not important to the gospel.
  10. Even though there are many denominations there is one church because God is one.

Other Sets

  1. The rapture describes Christ coming to establish his kingdom by defeating the Gentile nations in the battle of Armageddon.
  2. The book of Revelation is nothing more than a series of symbols portraying the general idea of victory through Christ or the ultimate triumph of good over evil.
  3. This view regarding the time of the rapture teaches that the rapture will occur before the Tribulation.
  4. The position that does not hold to a literal or actual future kingdom of peace and prosperity here on earth is called
  5. The position that teaches that the world from the time of the establishment of the church has been a world characterized by an escalating peace is called
  6. This covenant provides the royal basis behind the establishment of a millennial kingdom.
  7. The word “imminent,” when applied to the rapture of the church, means that the rapture is coming soon, literally meaning “close at hand.”
  8. In the Rivera text, a story is presented about a woman in a difficult period of her life. What issue was the woman facing?
  9. This covenant was accomplished at the death of Jesus Christ.
  10. The position that teaches that Christ will return to establish a literal kingdom is called
  11. The book of Revelation speaks entirely of first‐century events which had already taken place at the time of its writing.
  12. True or False? Rivera asserts that knowing how to live for God by loving him and others is potentially daunting, but at the same time, it’s also a freeing thing. It’s a heart of love.
  13. The position that teaches that Christ will come again to the earth toward the end or just after his reign of peace is called
  14. According to the Towns textbook, the best way to interpret biblical prophecy is through the allegorical approach to Bible interpretation.
  15. The distinction between the church and Israel tends to support the pre‐tribulation view of the rapture.
  16. This view anticipates that the rapture and second coming of Christ are a single event, or at least two contemporaneous events.
  17. The term “rapture” is synonymous with the Second Coming of Christ.
  18. The book of Revelation surveys and presents a history of the church during the past 1900 years.
  19. This covenant agreed to bring from one man the development of a nation through which the whole world would be blessed.
  20. Most prophecy found in the Bible (especially outside of the book of Revelation), while predictive when it was written, has now been revealed.
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