SUBS 608 Quiz 4

SUBS 608 Quiz 4 Liberty

  1. Family therapy is contraindicated in teenage sexual addiction.
  2. Many sex addicts act out within clinician’s offices
  3. The general rule of thumb when working with sex addicts is to have a relatively rigid boundary against touch.
  4. Crossing boundaries in the therapeutic relationship can have value in the overall therapeutic process.
  5. Clinicians can easily become ‘victims’ to the sexual addict’s recovery process by taking on the burden of owning responsibility for the addict’s recovery process.
  6. Psychoeducation is a warranted intervention when the clinician is able to describe where the therapeutic boundary is set.
  7. Once the therapeutic relationship has been established, all boundary violations are therapeutic issues.
  8. Heroin is the drug of choice for anonymous sexual activity within the gay community.
  9. An important aspect to recognizing dual and triple diagnosis is that the clinician’s awareness will help him/her to develop a treatment plan that addresses each diagnosis in the same treatment plan.
  10. Cultural competence is a necessary skill when working with homeless sex addicts.
  11. Asynchronous cybersex involves the exchange of sexual information through internet methods that require both or all parties to be online at identical times.
  12. The intoxicating and interactive nature of the internet are contributing factors to cybersex addiction.
  13. From an analytic perspective, when clinicians recognize manifestations of the client’s displaced affect (e.g. from parent to clinician), it is best for the clinician to establish clear boundaries by not addressing these emotions in session.
  14. Most sex addicts trace their initial acting out to adolescence or before.
  15. The loss of interpersonal trust and sense of control may propel the homeless person to engage in sexual addiction.
  16. The lack of internet regulation and level of interconnectivity do not create cybersex addicts.
  17. The bulk of the work the clinician, treating the homeless sexual addicted client, will engage in is psychoanalytic therapy.
  18. The general rule when dealing with depression as a dual diagnosis is to treat the addiction first and wait at least 2 to 6 drug-free weeks to more clearly determine whether the depression is primary or secondary.
  19. The cutoff score on the Internet Sex Screening Test, where a clinician should become concerned, is a score of 13 or above.
  20. Safe sexual practice within the homosexual community is on the rise.
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