SUBS 608 Quiz 2

SUBS 608 Quiz 2 Liberty

  1. Sealy suggests that psychotropic medications were indicated for sexual addicts identified as highly avoidant of any anxiety or other uncomfortable feeling state.
  2. Central to the issue of sexual addiction is the inability of the individual to adequately bond and attach in intimate relationships.
  3. It has been hypothesized that the sexually addictive/compulsive borderline is an example of the abused child grown up and identifying with the aggressor.
  4. The term nonparaphilic sexual behavior has been used to identify conventional, normative sexual behavior taken to the extreme
  5. It has been suggested that female addicts must discover their identity and worth apart from a relationship, some suggesting 6 months to a year of abstinence from all romantic relationships.
  6. According to Yalom, corrective recapitulation of the primary family group members experience transference relationships in group.
  7. Shame reduction and boundary setting depend on the ability to recognize, identify, and process strong emotional experiences.
  8. Individual therapy is the most commonly used treatment modality in many residential inpatient treatment programs for sexual compulsivity.
  9. Shame, guilt and affect dysregulation are the three key barriers that prevent addicts from breaking the compulsive cycle of sexual addiction.
  10. Guilt drives the addictive system of sex addict.
  11. Universality refers to the client’s faith that treatment can and will be effective.
  12. The child’s first relationship molds the individual’s capacities to enter into all emotional relaionships
  13. Sealy suggests that psychotropic medications were indicated for sexual addicts identified as highly impulsive individuals with poor boundaries.
  14. According to Bowlby, if an individual has confidence that the early attachment figure will be available, he or she will be more prone to chronic fear.
  15. Teaching borderlines appropriate ways to regulate their emotions is a crucial part of the treatment process.
  16. Group therapy allows for more complete healing of core shame than individual treatment alone.
  17. Harlow suggested that proceptive behaviors are important variables to successful primate mating patterns because of their increased capacities derived from a relatively larger cerebral cortex than lower mammal groups.
  18. Sexual fantasies are useful to the clinician as they often indicate a connection to past trauma.
  19. The ultimate treatment goal for sex addicts is mastering the experience of bonding and attaching in enduring and trusting intimate connections with others.
  20. The core dynamics of sexual addiction and the root causes are the same for men and women
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