PSYC 475 Quiz Personality

PSYC 475 Quiz: Personality, Substance Abuse and Criminal Behavior

Covers the Textbook material from Module 3: Week 3.

  1. Terri Mott and her colleagues reported personality–crime links that replicated across countries, gender, and race. What were the two dimensions of personality most strongly linked to crime? What personality dimension was unrelated to crime?
  2. Discuss how motivational interviewing can be used to deal with clients who deny they have a substance abuse problem.
  3. According to the text, psychopaths are
  4. According to the text, â getting tough on drug offenders has produced
  5. Today’s s personality theorist would argue that the prediction of behavior can be enhanced by assessments of
  6. Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) may be effective because
  7. Alcohol abuse among offenders is
  8. Therapeutic communities
  9. The following alcohol treatment program is most clearly related to social learning theory
  10. The authors of the text propose a view of psychopathy as
  11. Relapse prevention teaches the client
  12. Reviews of the personality “crime link consistently find this important:
  13. ________________ is an objective measure of psychopathy.
  14. An important difference in the diagnosis of antisocial personality as measured by DSM-5, and psychopathy as measured by the PCL- R, is
  15. Relapse prevention is based on the premise that
  16. Drug treatment courts
  17. Knowledge destruction
  18. Tennenbaum (1977) reviewed the personality differences between delinquents and nondelinquents and concluded that no differences existed. This conclusion
  19. Motivational interviewing is
  20. Mandating treatment for substance abusing offenders is
  21. and __________ are but two characteristics of psychopathy.
  22. Which of the following personality dimensions from the Five Factor Model share similarities with both Moffitta’s and Gottfredson and Hirschia’s theories of criminal behavior?
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