PSYC 430 Quiz 6

PSYC 430 Quiz 6 Liberty Answers

  1. Symptoms of vaginismus always include:
  2. Early ejaculation is:
  3. Obsessive-compulsive symptoms may contribute to low sexual desire because someone with this disorder:
  4. If grandpa is 90 and healthy, what is the chance, expressed as a percentage, that he still masturbates at least occasionally?
  5. Attitudes about women’s sexuality are more liberal now, yet the rates of female orgasmic disorders have remained the same. This trend:
  6. Some individuals experience a normal interest in sex but choose not to engage in sexual relations. Such people would be diagnosed with:
  7. William, a 20-year-old who is having his first sexual relationship, has gone to see a sex therapist about a sexual dysfunction problem. What is William MOST likely suffering from?
  8. DSM-5 recommends a diagnosis of paraphilia only when associated behaviors, fantasies, or urges last at least:
  9. Why do people object to the use of Viagra and similar drugs being voluntarily covered by health insurance companies, but fail to object to birth control pills not being covered unless mandated by law?
  10. What is the term for the use of and attraction to inanimate objects as a preferred method of achieving sexual excitement?
  11. Couples in sex therapy who are working on eliminating the spectator role are generally advised to:
  12. According to DSM-5, all of the excitement disorders have in common the diagnostic requirement that the
  13. If relatives of a person with schizophrenia come to have more realistic expectations, reduce their guilt, and work on establishing better communication, they are probably receiving:
  14. The goal of family therapy is:
  15. Which drug has antipsychotic properties?
  16. Which is a tactile hallucination?
  17. An individual who displays serious psychotic symptoms, but would not benefit from being sent to a large state psychiatric hospital for a long period of time, would best be served by:
  18. The complete remission rate for those diagnosed with schizophrenia is:
  19. If observations of a relationship between “expressed emotion” in families and recovery from schizophrenia demonstrate cause-and-effect, one would predict that relapse would be LEAST common in people with schizophrenia whose families:
  20. Advantages of atypical antipsychotic drugs over conventional medications include:
  21. The cognitive view of schizophrenia is based on the assumption that those with schizophrenia experience strange and unreal sensations:
  22. A person lives at home but spends his day at a mental health facility. Most specifically, the facility might be described as providing:
  23. The discovery of antihistamine drugs in the 1940s indirectly led to the development of:
  24. While Type I schizophrenia is dominated by _____ symptoms, Type II schizophrenia is dominated by _____ symptoms.
  25. Which BEST supports the dopamine hypothesis for schizophrenia?
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