PSYC 430 Quiz 2

PSYC 430 Quiz 2 Liberty Answers

  1. Which statement is a reason to question the validity of clinical interviews?
  2. Among the following, the test with the highest validity in identifying psychological disturbances is the:
  3. Which statement is MOST accurate?
  4. To measure tendencies toward depression, an assessment tool asks individuals to record all the times they feel sad. However, individuals report wide variation in the number of “sad” episodes from day to day. This assessment tool has:
  5. Studies of diagnostic conclusions made by clinicians show that:
  6. Which differentiates the DSM-5 from earlier versions of the DSM?
  7. Deciding that a client’s psychological problems represent a particular disorder is called:
  8. “I’ve just experienced overload,” says the participant observer. “I simply can’t:
  9. Mark’s mother is suffering from depression and needs therapy. Mark tells her “all therapies are pretty much the same.” Mark is demonstrating which of the following?
  10. When someone is watching, Jennifer actually eats fewer sweets than usual. This tendency to decrease a behavior while being observed is an example of:
  11. A clinician having knowledge that a person about to be interviewed has already been diagnosed as having an anxiety disorder could lead to
  12. The process of evaluating a person’s progress after being in treatment is called a:
  13. If a person had his brain waves recorded to measure electrical activity, he MOST likely had a(n):
  14. People who have a biological vulnerability for anxiety that is brought to the surface by social/psychological factors develop generalized anxiety disorders, according to the:
  15. A professor’s office is a mess; graded tests are in piles on the desk, overflowing bookshelves line the walls, and research materials from years ago occupy boxes on the floor where there is only a narrow pathway to walk. If the professor is experiencing a diagnosable disorder, it would MOST likely be in which category?
  16. A person says, “I’ll try to see only the positive side of things, then everything will be OK.” From a cognitive perspective, this person is _____ obsessive thoughts.
  17. What is the primary difference between a common fear and a phobia?
  18. According to behaviorists, why do patients engage in compulsive behaviors?
  19. GABA, an inhibitory neurotransmitter believed to be involved in reducing the excitability of neurons in the brain, has been implicated in the etiology of:
  20. The first step in systematic desensitization treatment is:
  21. A comprehensive approach that involves several techniques in treating anxiety disorders is called:
  22. GABA is related to:
  23. The proportion of panic-attack sufferers who are helped at least somewhat by antidepressant drugs is about:
  24. How strong is the evidence supporting the usefulness of client-centered therapy for those with generalized anxiety disorder?
  25. An obsessive-compulsive person who was told that everyone was required to wear shoes at all times in the house and not to vacuum for a week would be experiencing what therapy procedures?
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