PSYC 317 Quiz 3

PSYC 317 Quiz 3

  1. African Americans often have difficulty in trusting the crisis worker.
  2. In Latino culture, ‘machismo’ does not justify spousal abuse.
  3. When a culture accepts certain behaviors and traditions as normal, all people in that cultural group naturally approve of them.
  4. By the time an individual reaches maturity, they have worked through all of the issues that might trigger a crisis.
  5. The quarter-life crisis has five key phases. Which of these is not one of them?
  6. This culture is most likely to “sweep problems under the rug” for fear of loss of face.
  7. Which of these does not influence a person’s response to loss?
  8. Which of these is not a reason why grieving parents often prefer a support group of peers?
  9. It is best for a divorcing couple not to tell their own families (parents and siblings) everything about their breakup.
  10. Food Insecurity occurs
  11. If a couple who has lost a child to death do not receive some form of help, their risk of divorce is over 90 percent.
  12. Everyone who has suffered loss experiences grief in the same way.
  13. The classification of PTSD in DSM 5 includes the symptoms of negative alterations in cognitions and mood.
  14. What is the correct order of the phases of a community disaster?
  15. Clients with PTSD might benefit from
  16. Each year, approximately 1 million Americans are victims of gun violence.
  17. During debriefing, the crisis worker should not
  18. Which of the following is not useful in helping survivors of a natural disaster during the recovery phase?
  19. About how many service members have been deployed to OIF and OEF since 2001?
  20. The use of mental health services is viewed by military culture as a sign of
  21. Returning veterans from which war were often expected to “just get on with it,” whether or not they suffered from PTSD?
  22. It is often helpful to military personnel to deal with their combat trauma, such as PTSD, by reframing it as
  23. Which of the following might be a cause of TBI?
  24. Which of the following is NOT one of the stages of killing?
  25. Because military culture has placed a negative stigma on mental health, it is useful to reframe the need for substance abuse treatment as a physical health issue.


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