PSYC 231 Quiz 3

PSYC 231 Quiz 3 Answers

  1. The _____ is the central aspect of the personality.
  2. Christopher’s mother tells her friend that she does not understand why he is so moody and changeable. Christopher is most likely in
  3. Bob has explored a number of career paths in his senior year of high school and he has decided that he wants to pursue a career as a forensic psychologist. James Marcia would classify Bob in which identity status?
  4. The BEST predictor of adjustment and competence in adolescents is
  5. Parker reacts negatively to many situations and is slow to accept new experiences. Parker could be classified as a(n) _____ child.
  6. Research suggests that, compared to uninhibited children, individuals classified with inhibition in childhood are
  7. Troy, age 16, is LEAST likely to show his false self to
  8. Which of the following statements about gender and identity in the twenty‑first century is TRUE?
  9. Research has determined that the greatest change in personality occurs during
  10. Janeece is aware of her emotions and can cover up negative emotions in social situations. Research has shown that Janeece may be LESS competent at
  11. What has been found to be a turning point in developing identity in late adolescence and emerging adulthood?
  12. Low self‑esteem in adolescents and emerging adults has been shown to be a factor in
  13. A feeling that occurs when a person is in a state or an interaction that is important to well‑being is called
  14. Zoe tells her parents that she learned in her women’s studies class that many of the gender differences that she sees are due to inequities in power, money, and other resources between men and women. She says she is going to be taking part in a “walk for equity” to protest lower wages being paid to women in her community. Zoe’s position is very much like that of which theorist?
  15. Evelyn scores low on both feminine and masculine traits on the Bem Sex‑Role
  16. Which of the following statements regarding gender differences in play is TRUE? Selected Answer: Girls are more likely than boys to play in small groups.
  17. Music videos are
  18. Carol Gilligan believes
  19. Recent research continues to find that gender stereotyping
  20. Which of the following statements regarding androgyny education is NOT true?
  21. The theorist who emphasizes the social conditions that have resulted in power inequity and substantial gender differences is
  22. Which theorist agreed that, “Anatomy is destiny”?
  23. Gender‑role attitudes and gender intensification tend to
  24. Darren scores a high number of feminine and a high number of masculine traits on the Bem Sex‑Role Inventory. Darren would be classified as
  25. According to Carol Gilligan, girls become aware that the male‑dominated culture does not value their interest in
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