PPOG 504 Literature Review Paper

PPOG 504 Literature Review Paper Liberty University


Before you can conduct an analysis of a political leader in a specific context, you must first create a statesmanship framework by which to analyze that leader. This paper requires you to conduct scholarly research on the general idea of statesmanship: its definition, its attributes, how those attributes compare to pseudo-statesmanship, and how the political leaders we have discussed in the course demonstrate statesmanship via decisions and actions. This paper will serve as a building block to your final paper.

This paper should be 5–7 pages (excluding the title page, and references) and contain a list of at least 12 scholarly sources as well as all of the the Reading & Study materials and Scripture. The paper must be formatted in Turabian.


To be more specific on this note, remember that the required reading and presenations are designed to help you better understand statesmanship and its key offshoot—statecraft.  Thus, it is vitally important that you use the following:


  • Fischer: “Leadership and Statesmanship”
  • Holloway, “Christianity, Magnanimity, and Statesmanship”
  • Newell
  • Stein:  “Isaiah and Statesmanship”
  • Vaughan

Videos and Presetnations:

  • Biblical Principles of Government
  • America’s Constitutional Tradition
  • Christianity and Rationalism
  • The Constitutional Convention
  • Covenants and Statesmanship
  • Goeglein: “Uncompromising Statesmanship”/ “Rhetorical Challenges”

Additional Research: 12-15 scholarly (i.e. “peer-reviewed”) sources.  Liberty’s online library has the ability to specifically select the “peer-reviewed” option.

Paper Structure:

The following sections must be addressed, with proper headings, in the following order:

  • Definition of Statesmanship
  • Attributes of Statesmanship
  • Application
  • Comparison to Pseudo-Statesmanship
  • Summary

Remember that a discussion of Biblical principles of government and statecraft must be included as relevant.  The grading rubric provides more specifics for the paper and each required section.

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