JURI 610 Research Paper

JURI 610 Research Paper Liberty University

3 Research Papers included

Paper 1: Legal Positivism and Natural Law Legal Theories

Paper 2: Justice and Rights

Paper 3: Integrative Jurisprudence

The student will write three 2,800–3,000-word research-based papers in current Bluebook format that focus on the following topics: natural law and positive law, modern perspectives on legal theory, and integrative jurisprudence. Each paper must include at least 10 references drawn from at least 5 separate sources. The word count does not include citations.

Note: LL.M students must add an additional 2,500 words of writing in their final paper. This is a Pass/Fail component of this assignment. This is not required of the JM students.

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  1. JURI 610 Paper 1
  2. JURI 610 Paper 2
  3. JURI 610 Paper 3