JURI 610 Quiz 2

JURI 610 Quiz 2 Liberty University

JURI 610 Quiz: Positivism, Natural Law, and Modern Legal Theories

JURI 610 Quiz: Justice, Rights, Contracts, and Constitutional Law

JURI 610 Quiz: Justice, Rights, Contracts, and Constitutional Law

JURI 610 Quiz: Christian Foundations of Law

  1. Identify the five themes of postmodernism in law.
  2. Identify two of the main characteristics of the legal process perspective
  3. Identify the main characteristics of historical jurisprudence?
  4. Explain the main overlaps between Marxist legal theory and critical legal studies?
  5. Explain the main difference between pragmatism and postmodernism?
  6. Critical Race Theory developed as a result of the disagreement of scholars from minority ethnic groups with Critical Legal Studies because
  7. Which of the following is not a part of critical approaches to law?
  8. The legal process approach focuses on:
  9. Critical legal approaches to law have their sources in a number of doctrines, including:
  10. Which one of the following statements is incorrect regarding law and literature authors?
  11. According to feminist legal theory and critical race theory, the common problems that they try to address are those that emerge as a result of the attempt to have equality, justice and reform through the legal system in a social context in which inequality and oppression are common.
  12. Friedrich Carl von Savigny believed that laws, similar as languages, are expressions of the culture, customs and history of a people.
  13. Because of their rejection of the existence of objective truth, postmodernists legal scholars are unable to make consistent arguments against injustice.
  14. Despite Critical Legal Study’s efforts to criticize the neutrality of legal concepts, they did not attack the public/private law distinction.
  15. According to historical jurisprudence communities do not go through consistent and predictable stages of development. Therefore, the laws of those communities should not necessarily reflect their stages of development.
  16. Explain what Hart believed the difference was between a legal system viewed as a set of orders backed by threats and a system with a valid norms. Be sure to explain the differences in how people respond to those two systems.
  17. Explain the connection, according to Bix, between faith in social sciences and the American New Deal. Be sure to include the weak point in this reliance on social science experts.
  18. On what does Law and Economics attempt to offer a basis for decision and how Law and Economics tracks the arguments of utilitarianism.
  19. List and explain the three major themes Professor Bix states that Critical Race Theory is based on.
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