JURI 570 Quiz Legal Environment

JURI 570 Quiz Legal Environment of Business and Contract Law

  1. Which of the following would be admissible under the parol evidence rule? Assume the written contract was made on June 1, 2010, and that it is an integrated document.
  2. When the unsuccessful party challenges the verdict and the judge in a jury trial decides that the evidence is so clear that reasonable people could not differ as to the outcome of the case, the judge grants
  3. In order to form a contract, the parties must:
  4. True cost-benefit analysis as a social theory:
  5. Appellate judges can reverse a decision of the trial court:
  6. Alice offers to sell her computer, monitor, and printer to Bradley for $300. Bradley says he will accept provided that Alice includes her word processing software. What is the status of their discussions?
  7. Nineteen-year-old Martin was raised in a good, Christian home and attended parochial school through eighth grade. Martin is a good student and citizen who conforms to the expectations of his church, family, and peers. He does so because he loves his family and church, is loyal to them, and trusts them. Under Kohlberg’s schematic analysis, Martin is most likely at what stage of moral development?
  8. According to the UCC, an enforceable agreement involving the transfer of title of goods from a seller to a buyer for a price is called a(n):
  9. Which of the following may a U.S. Court of Appeals NOT do in ruling on a case?
  10. According to the Restatement, manifesting an intention to act or an intention to refrain from acting in a specified manner is considered to be:
  11. The final arbiter as to the constitutionality of laws passed by Congress or by the legislature of a state is the Supreme Court of the United States.
  12. You find a decision of the U.S. Court of Appeals in the Federal Reporter.
  13. The law does not change; it is based on unchanging and universal truths.
  14. Gail sent a letter of acceptance to an offer that has expired. Gail has made:
  15. A contract for the sale of a copyright is governed by Article 2 of the Uniform Commercial Code.
  16. Law and justice represent separate and distinct concepts.
  17. Alice, a resident of Ohio, has obtained a valid judgment against Bill, a resident of Kentucky. In this case:
  18. The law is pervasive, and it is in part prohibitory and in part mandatory.
  19. Usual remedies granted in a criminal case include compensation for the victim.
  20. A private citizen may bring a criminal action against an individual for breaking a criminal law.
  21. Decisions in state trial courts generally are reported or published.
  22. Tate enters into a contract with Smith under the terms of which Smith is to pay Tate $7,000 and Tate is to build a garage, repair a boat, and build a doghouse. If the doghouse has not yet been built, which term describes the type of contract in existence?
  23. Aunt Ellie promises her 21-year-old nephew, Robbie, that she will pay him $100 if he quits smoking for a month. If Robbie does, is there a binding contract?
  24. Under the UCC statute of frauds, which of the following terms must be included in a writing in order to satisfy the writing requirement?
  25. James offers to sell four acres of land to Jennifer for $8,000 and further offers to keep the offer open for one month if Jennifer will pay him $100 for the privilege. Jennifer pays James $100. Which statement describes the payment of $100?
  26. A negotiable instrument, such as a check, is not a formal contract.
  27. The Uniform Commercial Code is a federal law that applies to commercial transactions among the states.
  28. The difference between an express contract and an implied in fact contract is the manner in which assent is manifested.
  29. The procedural stage of a lawsuit after the pleadings but before trial is the:
  30. Arguments favoring social responsibility of business entities include all but which of the following?
  31. Blevins, Inc. calls the Widget Corporation of America to order 400 widgets at $2 a widget. Widget accepts the oral order and then sends out an order confimation form, with the pre-printed name Widget Corporation of America on the top of the form. The form states that an order has been received for “300” widgets and that it will be filled promptly. In this case:
  32. Which arguments oppose business involvement in socially responsible activities?
  33. How does Immanuel Kant’s approach to ethical decision-making differ from that of an ethical fundamentalist?
  34. Laws that are enacted by legislatures are called statutes.
  35. The law is the same as moral and ethical concepts.
  36. Which of the following is NOT always necessary in order for a valid contract to be formed?
  37. Which of the following is not generally required in order to have a valid contract?
  38. Patricia Plaintiff, a resident of California, has a valid judgment against David Defendant, a resident of Nevada, which she now wishes to execute. David owns hundreds of acres of beach-front property in California. Patricia may execute her judgment in California based on what type of jurisdiction?
  39. Gary mails an offer to Brian on June 15. Brian receives the offer on June 16. Gary mails a revocation of the offer on June 17. Brian mails a letter of acceptance on June 18 and Gary receives the acceptance on June 20. Brian receives the revocation on June 19. Was a contract formed?
  40. Midway Corporation is incorporated in Delaware, but it has its principal place of business in Minnesota. It does much of its business in California. For purposes of diversity of citizenship, Midway is a resident of:
  41. Able, a resident of New York, has a dispute with Baker, a resident of Illinois, involving a contract signed and performed in New York. His damages amount to $75,000, and he wants to sue. The case can be brought:
  42. The party bringing a civil lawsuit must prove the case by a preponderance of the evidence.
  43. Albert read Gem City’s ad in the local newspaper advertising a one- quarter carat diamond ring for $89. Albert rushed to the store to buy the ring, only to be told by the salesperson that the ad was a misprint and the price should have been $289. Albert gave the salesperson $89 plus sales tax and demanded the ring. In this case:
  44. The parol evidence rule does not apply to:
  45. Which of the following is an exception to the suretyship provision requirement under the statute of frauds?
  46. Contracts generally require adequacy of consideration where the consideration given by both parties is of fair value and equitable.
  47. A motion to dismiss for failure to state a claim upon which the court may grant relief is also known as a(n):
  48. Which of the following would most likely be a merchant with respect to the goods in question under the UCC definition?
  49. The U.S. Supreme Court reviews most decisions of lower courts by:
  50. In what way or ways are situational ethics and ethical relativism similar?
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