HIUS 520 Quiz 2

HIUS 520 Quiz 2 Liberty University

  1. Lincoln believed the true target for the Army of the Potomac was
  2. The Making of Robert E. Lee was written by
  3. The historian who first raised a major objection to the favorable interpretation of Robert E. Lee was
  4. Union troops fighting around Gettysburg were reinforced late on the morning of July 1 by the arrival of the Eleventh Corps under the command of
  5. The author of A Constitutional View of the Late War between the Stateswas
  6. Books such as A Narrative of the Great Revivaland Christ in the Camp tended to create the impression that
  7. The Battle of Gettysburg was
  8. Confederate vice-president __________ said shortly after the founding of the Confederacy that the new government was built on the “cornerstone” of race-based slavery.
  9. In writing about Robert E. Lee, historian Thomas Lawrence Connelly,
  10. The book A Narrative of the Great Revival was written by
  11. On July 2 James Longstreet believed the Army of Northern Virginia ought to
  12. While waiting for the Confederates to make a move on July 2, Union Third Corps commander __________ became concerned that his troops were in a bad position and redeployed the corps contrary to orders from Meade.
  13. The term “Lost Cause” was coined by
  14. On July 1, 1863, the Battle of Gettysburg began when a probe by Heth’s Confederate division encountered Union cavalry near Gettysburg under the command of General
  15. During the Gettysburg Campaign
  16. Meade and some of the Army of the Potomac’s other generals held Abner Doubleday in low regard primarily because Doubleday
  17. Before the armies actually met at Gettysburg, Meade had sent an order to all his corps commanders directing them to
  18. After the death of the commander of the First Corps in mid-morning of July 1, overall Union command on the Gettysburg battlefield passed to
  19. A Constitutional View of the Late War between the Statessuggested that the Confederacy had been
  20. When the Union Eleventh Corps reached the Gettysburg battlefield late on the morning of July 1, its commander recognized the importance of ________ and placed a division in reserve there.
  21. Longstreet’s assault on the Union left flank late on the afternoon of July 2
  22. According to historian Allen C. Guelzo, the key military terrain feature in the Gettysburg area was
  23. Lee first learned of the presence of the Army of the Potomac in Pennsylvania from
  24. Lee’s plan for July 2 at Gettysburg was to
  25. The Lost Cause school of history maintained that
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