HIUS 221 Quiz 6

HIUS 221 Quiz 6 Liberty University Answers

  1. What did the popularity of sentimental novels and the board game “The Mansion of Happiness” reveal about the cult of true womanhood?
  2. What quality was shared by those who engaged in utopian social experiments and more conventional social reformers?
  3. A supporter of temperance believed
  4. What was the Second Great Awakening?
  5. Such reformers as Mary Gove and Paulina Wright were interested in
  6. The Seneca Falls Convention in 1848 marked the beginning of
  7. Who founded the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints?
  8. Reformers such as minister Lyman Beecher cast the problem of intemperance in
  9. Which is the best summary of the doctrine of coverture?
  10. The “gag rule” was a procedural motion that
  11. The importance of festivities combining work and leisure to traditional community life most likely indicated that before the market revolution,
  12. Why might a rural woman choose to do outwork instead of working at the Lowell Mills?
  13. During the 1840s and 1850s, the greatest proportion of immigrants to the United States came from
  14. By 1860, free blacks accounted for what percentage of the South’s African American population?
  15. Most Southern Whites were yeoman farmers who
  16. All of the following are true of marriages among slaves EXCEPT that
  17. In the first half of the nineteenth century, why was a city like St. Louis poised for growth?
  18. Before 1815, most American farmers
  19. Which of the following is accurate regarding the rights of free blacks in the South?
  20. By 1840, which means of transportation had the greatest impact on the speed with which goods and people could move around the country?
  21. How did the creation of a market economy affect many farmers in the early nineteenth century?
  22. Unlike their counterparts in the North, Southern yeoman farmers did not have access to
  23. As a result of the wider availability of printed material,
  24. What was one important factor in the rise of prostitution during the nineteenth century?
  25. How did the approach to imprisoning criminals at a penitentiary differ from earlier approaches?
  26. Which of the following best describes the stance of Henry David Thoreau, Nathaniel Hawthorne, and Herman Melville to contemporary American society?
  27. Abolitionists responded to Hiram Powers’ statue The Greek Slave by
  28. Which of the following would most certainly be a proponent of immediatism?
  29. According to the video presentation, what is the belief that man is sinful, but can be perfected through a moderate and moral lifestyle in adherence to God’s precipices?
  30. According to the video presentation, what was the Great Disappointment?
  31. What factors led to the transformation of Southern attitudes toward slavery?
  32. Which group would have been most likely to appreciate the aesthetic of Thomas Cole’s paintings?
  33. What did the Millerites anticipate first in March 1843 and later on October 22, 1844?
  34. All of the following were supporters of women’s rights EXCEPT
  35. Horace Mann’s most notable contributions were in the field of
  36. What is millennialism?
  37. Why might slave religion be regarded as a form of resistance?
  38. What development enabled such cities as New York, Philadelphia, and Boston to grow into large metropolises?
  39. What caused the dramatic increase in the number of books, newspapers, and magazines in early nineteenth-century America?
  40. All of the following are true of Southern planters EXCEPT that
  41. The writings of plantation mistresses show their lives to have been
  42. Which of the following does NOT characterize the New York neighborhood of Five Points?
  43. As a result of the wider availability of printed material,
  44. How did the market revolution affect skilled artisans?
  45. What did a neighborhood like Gramercy Park reveal about the urban elite?
  46. According to Orson S. Fowler, what was the advantage of an octagon-shaped house?
  47. Which of the following best describes the view of such Southerners as Thomas R. Dew toward slavery?
  48. Why did architects such as Andrew Jackson Downing and Alexander Jackson Davis reject the Greek Revival style?
  49. According to the video presentation, who is the founder of the Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints?
  50. What did the popularity of sentimental novels and the board game “The Mansion of Happiness” reveal about the cult of true womanhood?
  51. The author of Walden was
  52. The Female Moral Reform Society attempted to vanquish
  53. Phrenology studied the connection between a person’s character and
  54. What was the Common School movement?
  55. German immigrants differed from Irish immigrants in that they
  56. Most Southern whites were yeoman farmers who
  57. Household slaves typically
  58. Which is the best definition of an artisan?
  59. Which of the following accurately describes the casualties of Nat Turner’s Rebellion?
  60. What effect did the depression of 1837 have on the labor movement?
  61. What resulted from a strike by white workers at the Tredegar Iron Works in Richmond, Virginia?
  62. Why was the biblical story of Exodus particularly popular among slaves?
  63. Edgar Allan Poe differed from Nathaniel Hawthorne in that he
  64. What event led Lucretia Mott and Elizabeth Cady Stanton to focus their attention on the oppression of women?
  65. How did Henry “Box” Brown support the abolitionist cause?
  66. Why might a woman like Mary Cragin have embraced her life in John Humphrey Noyes’s community at Oneida, New York?
  67. According to the video presentation, who is the Father of Modern Revivalism?
  68. In 1848, women in New York won the right to
  69. Why might slave religion be regarded as a form of resistance?
  70. Given that wealthy white Southerners enjoyed such entertainment as jousting and settled matters of honor with dueling, what seems to have been one major difference between Southern and Northern cultures?
  71. The system of centralized factories and company‑owned dormitories was originally named for the first mill town, established in
  72. What is one reason that cotton cultivation spread westward after 1820?
  73. Most Southern tenant farmers viewed African Americans as
  74. Most Southern states enacted laws against enclosing unused land because many Southern farmers
  75. In what way did the Shakers reconfigure the traditional family?
  76. Which statement best represents the intention of those who supported the development of Central Park in New York City?
  77. For what reason did Frederick Douglass include his own picture and signature in his book, Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, An American Slave?
  78. According to the video presentation, who was famous for his sermon on the Hamilton and Burr duel called “Remedy for Dueling”?
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