THEO 201 Discussion 1

THEO 201 Discussion 1 Liberty University

Christians have historically claimed that as part of his special revelation, God has inspired the 39 books of the Old Testament and the 27 books of the New Testament. Watch the ACE interview featuring Dr. Chatraw with Dr. Ed Hindson on “The Old Testament,” as they discuss the challenges to belief in the Old Testament, the worldview issues involved, and the importance of submitting to Jesus’ Lordship.

After reviewing the Reading & Study materials for this module/week, respond to the following prompt: Name and explain 3–4 reasons for believing that the Bible is inspired by God, giving support for your assertions. Include at least 2 objections to the Bible’s inspiration.

Properly cite at least 2 scholarly sources as support in current Turabian format in addition to any Bible verses used. Include a word count at the end.

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