HIST 491 Quiz 2

  1. In practice, Rome ran its far-flung empire primarily through loyal local elites.
  2. According to the video, the emperior Titus played what role (AD 71) in sowing the seeds of Rome’s eventual downfall?
  3. According to the video, the more complex a civilization is, the
  4. Augustine believed that all civilizations of the world were doomed to fail in the end.
  5. According to the video, Augustine’s work City of God has little relevance to the overall direction of western civilization, especially in the modern era.
  6. According to the video, what was Augustine’s purpose in writing City of God?
  7. This Roman emperor created the Tetrarchy, or rule of four.
  8. This Roman emperor had his mother killed.
  9. Augustine believed that the Christian should, though a pilgrim, take advantage of the peace and security that civilization offered, but should never mistake it for anything substantial or enduring.
  10. According to the video, the Roman empire in general saw most religions
  11. According to Dr. David Snead, secondary sources play little or no role in a primary source research project.
  12. One way to begin using a primary source document is to
  13. David Snead’s book, given as an example of excellent primary source research, is about
  14. According to Dr. Snead, a student should pursue a research project based on solely on personal interest.
  15. Which of the following topics has Andrew Roberts not published a book on?
  16. According to Andrew Roberts, what is his general ratio of time for research and time for writing?
  17. According to Andrew Roberts, he found president George W. Bush to be
  18. According to Andrew Roberts, a historian should pay some attention to the reviews of his or her books.
  19. Andrew Roberts does not generally read his own books once they are published.
  20. Augustine viewed sin as analogous to…
  21. According to Augustine’s readings of the Platonists, he learned that the soul…
  22. What did the inscription on Augustine’s hospitable dinner-table forbid?
  23. Regarding education, Augustine strives for a middle road between what two things?
  24. What is the title of the extant book that Augustine wrote to assist in revealing the obscurities of the Bible?
  25. The verdict of the church on the controversy about grace in Augustine’s time was to reject Pelagianism but not to fully endorse Augustine’s predestinarianism.
  26. Who was a well-known intellectual critic of Christianity during Augustine’s ministry?
  27. In common with the Greek Fathers, the Pelagians base the election of God on…
  28. Augustine distinguished himself from his contemporaries by believing Rome would fall like its predecessor Babylon.
  29. In the ninth book of Confessions, the turning of what “in a single moment, and yet is a moment in a long movement over many years” puzzles Augustine?
  30. Augustine expected hermits and monks to memorize substantial portions of the Bible, if not the whole Bible.
  31. How does Augustine close Confessions?
  32. Fill in the blanks from Augustine’s quote: “Man can say nothing of what he is unable to _______, but he can ______ what he is unable to say.”
  33. The Berber peasants of Numidia became known as the Agonistici, or ….
  34. What is the name of the book that Augustine wrote as a memorial to his son Adeodatus after he passed in 388?
  35. What personally written maxim does Augustine exemplify in his autobiography Confessions?
  36. In his writing On True Religion, Augustine suggests that we grasp the Trinity…
  37. What is the focal point in Manichaeism (the society to which Augustine committed himself to at one point)?
  38. Augustine considers education to be the process in which the educator draws “out what the pupil’s mind already possesses within him.”
  39. Augustine’s reading of Cicero encouraged him towards a hedonistic lifestyle.
  40. To what biblical text did Augustine turn to at random that caused him to feel “a light of serenity” flood his heart?
  41. The formula ‘one substance in three persons’ was first proposed by who?
  42. According to Chadwick, what martyr was mentioned as an example as someone who was celebrated in the Church to keep the church members from celebrating pagan traditions?
  43. Augustine held that the transmission of original sin was through…
  44. What two things does Augustine compare a man “under the sway of passion”?
  45. Where did Augustine serve as Bishop?
  46. Which of the following best describe a key purpose behind Augustine’s work City of God?
  47. According to Roger Schultz, Augustine believed that
  48. According to Roger Schultz, what outline on the purpose of rhetoric (i.e., formal speaking) did Augustine adopt from Cicero?
  49. According to Roger Schultz, Augustine seems to have adopted his progression of linear history in part from what passage of Scripture?
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