GOVT 210 Quiz 1

GOVT 210 Quiz 1

  1. Which term best describes the pursuit of political aims by means of violence and intimidation?
  2. Political scientists who use this methodological approach link experimental and quantitative data-driven analysis to an ethical responsibility to ask important questions affecting citizens.
  3. A state or government that is run by priests or clergy is known as a
  4. Political power can be broadly defined as
  5. When leverage is gained through the sway of diplomatic and cultural persuasion, the state is using
  6. Biblical integration includes the principle of projective accommodation.
  7. Which of the following is NOT an element of fascism?
  8. A society in which power is wielded by those who deserve it, based on their talents, industry, and success in competition rather than through membership of a certain social
  9. This methodological approach within political science avoids numerical or quantitative analysis, seeking value judgments instead.
  10. Harold Lasswell has defined politics as
  11. An example of a state threatening to cut off economic aid to another state in order to achieve a desired objective is an example of
  12. A(n) _________ approach seeks to determine how one “ought” to do something.
  13. are surveys taken that provide a useful way of showing how different groups view certain political issues.
  14. Political scientists who use this methodological approach use mathematical or statistical
  15. An economic system in which the means of production, such as land and factories, are privately owned and operated for profit is referred to as
  16. Social sciences seek to understand _________ and include _________.
  17. What is the process by which citizens develop the values, attitudes, beliefs, and opinions that enable them to support the political system?
  18. When a social science researcher makes an educated guess based on previously understood facts, he/she is making a(an)
  19. Biblical integration requires us to order our _________ on the basis of our _____________.
  20. Political theorists who study human nature, problems that naturally arise in nature, and then recommend a political system to best address these problems are referred to as


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