ETHC 210 Lab Activity 1

ETHC 210 Lab Activity 1 Liberty

  1. Chromosomes are constructed of DNA and ____Protein_______.
  2. Humans are diploid, meaning they have two sets of chromosomes numbering _______46______ total.
  3. When chromosomes are duplicated, they look like an “X”-shaped structure. The two strands of chromosomes are attached at the ______centromere________.
  4. In humans and all creatures constructed of eukaryotic cells, the DNA always resides in the ___Nucleus______.
  5. The yellow and red chromosomes you constructed are similar, and therefore, both of them together are considered to be a ____homologous_____ pair.
  6. In this assignment, you constructed the first phase of mitosis called___interphase__.
  7. During both mitosis and meiosis, chromosomes are aligned and pulled apart with the help of a cytoskeletal fiber called __mitotic spindle____.
  8. Microtubules or spindle fibers attach to the centromeres of the chromosomes and pull them apart during mitosis. The microtubules radiate from structures you included in your simulation called _____centrioles______.
  9. In order for the chromosomes to be separated successfully during mitosis or meiosis, the membrane of the __nucleus______ must be disassembled.
  10. Meiosis and mitosis are part of a nuclear division process called __Cytokinesis______.
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