ENVR 350 Quiz 1 Introduction

ENVR 350 Quiz: Introduction to Environmental Science and Policy

Module 1: Week 1

  1. A federal agency must prepare an EIS if it is considering a major action that might have significant environmental impacts.
  2. A classic solution to the tragedy of the commons is the creation or recognition of ________________ in the environmental resource.
  3. When Donald Trump took his oath of office in January 2017, about how many decades had passed since the last significant amendments to major federal environmental legislation?
  4. The Endangered Species Act focuses primarily on sources of pollution, threats to human health, and risk levels.
  5. The idea that the burdens of environmental harms and regulations should be distributed evenly amongst individuals and social groups is reflective of which of the following general frameworks for evaluating environmental decisions?
  6. Christians should care about protecting the environment because, as God’s children created in His image, they are called to be stewards of His creation.
  7. If an Environmental Assessment (EA) suggests that no Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) is necessary, then a federal agency will issue a
  8. The tragedy of the commons refers to depletion of common resources without regard to future replenishment.
  9. The idea that humans have a right to environmental protection is reflective of which of the following general frameworks for evaluating environmental decisions?
  10. One example of a cognitive bias is that people tend to be overly pessimistic with regard to the overcoming of environmental problems.
  11. Less than 500 NEPA lawsuits have been filed since its enactment in 1969.
  12. Which of the following was the first significant court decision to interpret NEPA?
  13. Although less visible than legislators, agencies play a critical role in environmental policy making because they implement the laws passed by Congress.
  14. Aldo Leopold:
  15. Which of the following is not one of the primary focuses of the Clean Air Act?
  16. A crisis or focusing event, such as a chemical accident or the release of a major scientific report, never creates a chance for action or evidence of the need for major policy change.
  17. While adjudication concerns prospective decisions affecting a class of people, rulemaking is more often retrospective and covers a broad range of agency actions.
  18. It is possible that increases in the earth’s temperature will lead to greater cloud formation and act as a negative feedback to warming.
  19. Environmental science is broader than environmental policy and is served by both environmental law & policy.
  20. The Endangered Species Act is the strongest legal protection of biodiversity in the world.
  21. The most common way to internalize costs is indirectly, through:
  22. Congressional action in environmental protection has stemmed primarily from its __________ powers.
  23. Noah is not a good example of an environmental steward.
  24. Which of the following cases established that landowners must be fairly compensated when they have been deprived of all economically viable use of their private property as a result of some environmental regulation?
  25. A federal agency must issue a Record of Decision at least _________ days after a Final EIS has been issued.
  26. Which of the following themes is, in many respects, the defining feature of environmental policy?
  27. Environmental law is comprised of three distinct fields – pollution law, natural resources law, and animal protection law.
  28. The idea that the needs of the present generation can be met without compromising the ability of future generations to do the same is reflective of which of the following general frameworks for evaluating environmental decisions?
  29. ___________ concerns how agencies operate and the separation of powers.
  30. The process of forcing factories to recognize environmental and social costs is known as externalizing internalities.
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