ENVR 320 Quiz Energy Waste

ENVR 320 Quiz: Energy, Waste, Economics, Urbanization, Environmental Policy, Sustainability

Module 5: Week 5 to Module 8: Week 8

  1. In Grand theories, the concepts and proposals are written at a concrete and detailed level. Every grand theory includes detailed information regarding the phenomenon, including a description, why it happens, and how it happens.
  2. Forming the question is typically the first step in the Evidence-Based Practice process. Well-built clinical questions should be the starting point of developing a search strategy and therefore, should use the process of PICO or PICOT to construct clinical questions.
  3. Lean and Six Sigma methods may be incorporated into the “Do Phase” in the quality improvement model. Lean is a method for organizing and reducing waste. Six Sigma is a tool focusing on reduction of defects.
  4. The six domains from the Institute of Medicine publication and the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to ensure effective and efficient use of public funds for quality care include all of the following except:
  5. The acronym “SMART” stands for Specific – Meaningful – Actionable– Realistic – Timeless
  6. In an internet search for reputable evidence, all of the following are recommended except:
  7. The Model for Quality Improvement is sometimes called the PDSA Model. In the “Do PHASE” of the model, the team designs and formalizes the QI Project.
  8. High-Reliability Organizations (HROs) are organizations that value leadership’s commitment to achieving 25% or less patient harm.
  9. With regards to evidence-based tools for overcoming barriers, gaps, and unintended consequences in healthcare policy, the three major areas in the standards that form the framework for Joint Commission accreditation are patient-focused functions, organizational functions, and structures and functions.
  10. All of the following are true regarding evidence for implementation of best practice except:
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