EDUC 630 Interview Project

The candidate will use personal interviews and research to determine how the educator selects appropriate technology for any given objective.  The candidate will then compile the research in an Excel or Word document.  Then, the candidate will use this data to create his/her own checklist for which he/she could validate the selection of technology for a given lesson.

For this assignment, your end goal is to create a short checklist to help an educator select appropriate technology to teach a lesson or skill. You will formulate your checklist by researching and gathering information from other educators who regularly use technology in their instruction. You will then evaluate the data you collect for common criteria or themes, which will serve as the foundation for your checklist. As a result of this assignment, you will have practiced a data-driven study and compilation of information to create a checklist that you or other educators could use for lesson planning. I NSTRUCTIONS 1.Begin by identifying three educators who regularly use technology in their classrooms. Explain to them the purpose of this assignment and set up a time in which you can interview them. If needed, you may use educators’ online blogs as your sources.

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