EDCO 831 Quiz God’s View

EDCO 831 Quiz: God’s View of Marriage

  1. When someone remains single well into their 20’s, 30’s or longer, many people (even in the church) try to “diagnose” their problem as:
  2. The depiction of the original creation of man and woman and the subsequent fall of humanity in Genesis 1 -3 centers on three very important clusters of principles. Which one below is NOT one of those principles?
  3. Regarding sexual activity, which statement below is NOT biblical answer?
  4. What is the advantage of focusing on a given method in the proper administration of discipline?
  5. A contextual reading of the expression “suitable helper” in its original setting suggests that:
  6. Despite the importance placed on fertility in the Hebrew Scriptures, numerous couples in the history of Israel experienced difficulty in conceiving children.
  7. Evangelicals view celibacy as a ministerial requirement, similar to the Catholic Church.
  8. While the Old Testament does not contain an explicit “job description” for husbands, we can infer some of the major responsibilities of husbands towards their wives from Scripture. Which answer below is NOT one of those responsibilities?
  9. Being single in the Bible seems to be limited to only the Old Testament.
  10. The biblical teaching on marriage is a primary focus of divine revelation as well as an important topic.
  11. Nurturing boys’ and girls’ distinctive masculine and feminine identities is an important part of Christian parenting.
  12. Working through the Book of Proverbs, Wegner identifies as many as __________ levels of parental discipline.
  13. Not only is marriage part of God’s end-time purposes in Christ and part of the Spirit’s operation, it is also part of one other important larger reality often overlooked, namely that of
  14. On the basis of Ephesians 5:21, some argue that Paul does not teach the submission of wives to their husbands only but also that of husbands to their wives in “mutual submission.”
  15. What is a disadvantage of focusing too much on a certain method when disciplining children?
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