EDCO 711 Quiz Introduction

EDCO 711 Quiz: Introduction to Group Counseling, Dynamics, and Leadership

Module 1: Week 1 – Module 2: Week 2.

  1. Effective experiential activities:
  2. Group level skills include all of the following, except
  3. One way to reduce self-absorption is to: everyday life
  4. Personal self-absorbed behaviors include all of the following, except:
  5. Mindfulness allows you to:
  6. Training/Relations groups:
  7. Environmental factors of group include:
  8. Exercises and games are designed to:
  9. Categories of groups include:
  10. Major concerns for group planning include all of the following, except:
  11. Self-absorbed individuals often show:
  12. The “K” in the KASST model stands for:
  13. One area of group satisfaction is with the:
  14. Observation involves all of the following, except:
  15. Questionnaires are used to gather information about:
  16. The steps in evaluation planning include:
  17. The overall framework within which the group will be constructed is called the:
  18. Training/Social Skills groups
  19. Work-related groups are also called all of the following except:
  20. When considering form format, all of the following items should be at the top of the form, except:
  21. Self-absorbed individuals express ______ toward others.
  22. Games are
  23. One component of the leader’s role is
  24. The Group Psychotherapy Intervention Rating Scale is used to rate the extent to which a:
  25. Narcissism focuses on:
  26. When constructing a questionnaire:
  27. Educational groups are:
  28. The purpose of summative evaluation is to gather information:
  29. Transference and countertransference refer to the process by which:
  30. The process to manage emotions includes:
  31. Thoughts and feelings reflective of self-absorption are often reflective of a/an:
  32. Leaders have to be prepared in three important ways. Which one is NOT one of those ways?
  33. Material is more likely to be retained if:
  34. The purpose of formative evaluation is to gather information:
  35. Evaluation provides data to judge all of the following, except:
  36. It is important to conduct a literature review to:
  37. Mini-lectures should be limited to:
  38. Small group activities should:
  39. Effective leaders:
  40. In the flexible-spontaneous leadership strategy, the leader:
  41. It is age-appropriate and healthy for ________ to consider almost everything and everyone an extension of their self.
  42. In an energetic-distractible instructional style:
  43. Task groups
  44. Group leadership styles include:
  45. Media tools are:
  46. Goals for activities should:
  47. Task behaviors include all of the following, but:
  48. In a creative-imaginative instructional style:
  49. Group facilitation skills include:
  50. In the consistent-precise leadership strategy, the leader:
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