EDCE 512 Quiz 3

EDCE 512 Quiz 3 Liberty University

  1. Along with the ASGW’s Multicultural and Social Justice Competence Principles for Group Workers (2012) and its Professional Standards for the Training of Groups Workers (2000), which are important sources of ethical information, there is one document that specically addresses ethical issues in group work, entitled:
  2. A most compelling reason that the professional literature on group work with European Americans is nonexistent is that until recently, the content of such literature has been
  3. A specialty group is a group that focuses on
  4. Group leaders who make the best and wisest ethical and legal decisions are those who are informed by
  5. Successful group leaders are aware of community, state, and national standards. The sources for such information can best be obtained through professional state counseling hoards; State departments of education; local attorneys, and
  6. “Acting as if” in a group is an exercise where a person pretends to be someone he or she wishes to be. It is based on _________ theory.
  7. Both the exercises of “locomotion” and “adverb” convey to group members that ____.
  8. In the warm-up exercise “Train Station” group members get “rejected” by others in the group and learn
  9. Which of the following is NOT considered uniquely signicant with regard to issues encountered by members of the gay, lesbian, and bisexual communities?
  10. Telephone support groups are especially valuable for ___________________ and
  11. Attempts to decrease aggression in groups are of two main types: _______________ an d
  12. Chi Sigma Iota (International Academic and Professional Counseling Honor Society) and the National Board of Certied Counselors (NBCC) issued a joint document that deals with
  13. Koss-Chioino recommend that group counselors working with groups of Hispanics/Latinos should be validating, supportive and
  14. Regarding spoken language, a bilingual group leader with Hispanic/Latino members is recommended because for many members, Spanish is their language of
  15. The promotion of self-determination of the power to choose one’s own direction in life is often referred to as
  16. Group leaders keep written records when conducting group counseling and psychotherapy. Three possible methods by which this task can be completed include keeping records through each of the following methods except
  17. When a leader suspects that a group member is breaking condentiality, she or he should .
  18. Group counseling or psychotherapy is often _____ by Native American people because healers in their societies _____treat individuals in isolation from their family, friends, and neighbors.
  19. Asian and Asian Pacic Americans include a diverse array of more than disparate cultural groups.
  20. According to Diller and Rivera, the four major Hispanic/Latino subgroups in America are comprised of
  21. Unintentional civil liability cases include occurrences of .
  22. Johnson believes that by working collaboratively with persons who dier from themselves in group work, all of the following benets are probable except that members
  23. To ensure that group members uphold their obligation to keep condential the content of every group session, group leaders are encouraged to use all of the following except
  24. Chiu advocates increasing the awareness and abilities of group leaders of culturally diverse groups through
  25. In heterogeneous groups, Native Americans with non-native people may benet from activities that involve as a means of increasing the Native American’s self-disclosure
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