CRST 290 Final Exam

CRST 290 Final Exam Liberty University

  1. Science primarily developed in which location?
  2. A statement that is considered true before beginning study of some topic is called a(n):
  3. For God to be sustainer means that He keeps the creation in existence at all times.
  4. A _______________ is a carefully defined and trained way of thinking about something.
  5. According to the “Who believes what?” video, which of the following pairs of origins positions are most similar?
  6. God, as a rational creator, has communicated in which of the following ways:
  7. Many Reformation theologians wrote that there was no way to reconcile the early chapters of Genesis with their scientific understandings.
  8. A method of interpreting scripture based on consistency, context, and author’s intent is called the interpretive framework method.
  9. Taking a face-value reading of the genealogies of Adam through Noah in Genesis, people lived:
  10. There are no known Early Church authors who believed that the Earth was older than 10,000 years.
  11. In a discussion of the creation of the sun, it was mentioned that light from the sun’s surface takes __________ to reach Earth.
  12. Which time period has no connection to the movement of Earth through space, or of other heavenly bodies with respect to earth?
  13. Which of the following is an argument that the Earth is not as old as often assumed?
  14. Physical constants, like the value for the force of gravity or the strength of atomic forces, can fluctuate significantly. This shows that the universe is fine-tuned for life.
  15. God provided His own witness to the timing of creation. This means that he is not guilty of:
  16. Which of the following is an example of a miracle that included creating something that looked older than it really was:
  17. Some radioactive dating methods, like K/Ar (potassium-argon) assume that when lavas first solidify, there is ______ argon. It appears that there is _________ argon when they solidify.
  18. A straightforward reading of the Bible indicates that creation took place about ________ years ago.
  19. What is the age of the universe according to Big Bang cosmology?
  20. Which discipline below includes primarily historical science methods?
  21. Which expert in Is Genesis History? discussed some of the differences between apes and humans?
  22. In the movie Is Genesis History? Dr. Stephen Boyd pointed out the evidence for rapid sedimentation at a dinosaur dig site.
  23. Which expert in Is Genesis History? talked about how the Hebrew language pointed to “yom” being a 24-hour day?
  24. According to creation-based scientific studies, Neanderthals appear to be humans (descendants of Adam and Eve).
  25. Which of the following is NOT one of the ways that Noah is compared to Adam?
  26. Which expert in Is Genesis History? described the complexity of DNA in four dimensions?
  27. The Flood narrative is balanced in a Hebrew writing method called a merism.
  28. “The Great Unconformity” was viewed in which area in Is Genesis History?
  29. The Epoch of time after the Fall but before Noah’s Flood is called the:
  30. Which scientist and Jesuit priest believed that God created groups of life separate from others and allowed for limited evolution within those groups?
  31. Soil bacteria were created on creation day 3.
  32. The idea that a developing organism follows a path similar to its supposed evolutionary history is called:
  33. In non-bacterial life forms (plants, animals, fungi), DNA is found in the cell nucleus.
  34. Jewish tradition has often interpreted God’s statement “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness” as being:
  35. It appears that nature is built so that there is:
  36. Three from the following (M. Ross video “What Darwin Got Right”)
    Which of the following were two of the squirrel species discussed in Dr. Ross’ video?
  37. Besides squirrels, what other group of animals did Dr. Ross discuss and show in the video “What Darwin Got Right”?
  38. Species from one organisms can only breed with other members of other species, and cannot be cross-bred with other species or genera.
  39. According to BioLogos, which evidence points to annual records going back to 700,000 years ago?
  40. BioLogos refers to the Bible and nature as two _________.
  41. Which argument is used to argue that Adam is a real historical individual?
  42. All of the ape-like creatures have a formen magnum located at a 45-degree at the back of their skull.
  43. Which statement reflects what BioLogos believes the Bible is telling us about creation?
  44. Humans and great apes have the same number of chromosomes (24 pairs).
  45. Jesus’ statement that the mustard is the smallest of all seeds is given as an example by BioLogos of a factually incorrect statement in the Bible.
  46. In which New Testament passage is Jesus compared to Adam, as the one man whose brings life after the sin of the first man brought death?
  47. The “big hole” where the spinal cord enters the skull is called the:
  48. What is the name of the continental configuration that likely existed during the Edenian Epoch.
  49. Prior to the Fall, it appears that there was some kind of law in the universe for the recycling of energy.
  50. The result of the Fall on man was:
  51. A fault or crack in the earth’s rocks is older than the rocks it breaks.
  52. Using radioactive isotopes to date rocks is a form of ___________ time dating.
  53. Geologists are able to directly date fossils and determine its numerical age (such as 68 million years or 150 million years).
  54. The destruction of the floating forest biome during the Flood can explain:
  55. Carbon dating of fossils have shown that the fossils are much younger than assumed by old-Earth geologists.
  56. The river that flowed out of Eden split into how many rivers?
  57. Which type of crust is able to subduct (sink) into the mantle?
  58. Impressions, trackways, and footprints are considered fossils.
  59. “________________” diversification is the term used to describe the rise of new species within a created kind.
  60. Darwin and modern evolutionists expect that transitional fossils will be __________.
  61. The oceans of the Post-Flood Epoch started out:
  62. According to young-Earth creation views, most fossils:
  63. Which of the following is NOT considered one of the evidences for bio-evolutionary theory?
  64. What are the two sources of water mentioned in the Flood account in Genesis?
  65. What is the 3-letter term for mobile genetic material that may have aided in post-Flood speciation?
  66. Which genetic process was likely most influential in the development of various races/people groups after Babel?
  67. Wise suggests that people after the Flood were both of one language and also of one worldview or perspective.
  68. Even before God made humans, He knew that Adam would sin and that He would send Jesus as a sacrifice for sin.
  69. The various races of people (both living today and others now gone) can be traced back most recently to which event?
  70. Ross studied in the field of:
  71. The dispersal of people from Babel likely happened during the life of which person named in the genealogy of Genesis 10?
  72. Peter argued that we can know God will judge the world in the future because He judged Israel and had them taken captive.
  73. Paul presented the Gospel to Greek philosophers in the city of:
  74. The Flood narrative envisions are recreation of the world.
  75. Which New Testament passage told early believers that scoffers willingly forget that God created the world and judged it with a flood?
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