COUC 504 Quiz 2

COUC 504 Quiz 2 Liberty University

  1. Secondary oppression involves
  2. A key aspect of empowerment involves _______, or the behaviors and attitudes that clients identify as beneficial in coping with stressful situations and adversity.
  3. According to Hays, Chang, and Chaney (2007), __________ is a reason counselors do not engage in social justice counseling.
  4. When there is an imbalance of power, __________ exist(s).
  5. _____ is the belief that the superiority of Whites justifies the disproportionate access to social and economic resources.
  6. The _____ costs of racism refer to associated physical and physiological symptoms and consequences experienced by people of color (e.g., hypertension, chronic fatigue, preterm infants).
  7. Counselors should work to build stronger coping mechanisms for clients by
  8. The _______, which focuses on creating solutions to difficult problems that underprivileged individuals may face, has been working to promote the social, political, and economic well-being of minority populations since 1942.
  9. _______ refers to unexamined class biases which shape our beliefs about our self and our relative merit in our families, peer groups, and community.
  10. The __________ prohibits discrimination in housing rentals, sales, and mortgage lending.
  11. Believing that people are poor because they are lazy is a form of
  12. Based on your reading of the chapter, which of the following statements is most likely?
  13. In the Soviet Union (Russia) and China, millions of people were murdered and starved in the name of the communist revolution
  14. History demonstrates that communism as a form of government is a social justice success story.
  15. Domestic violence is not a problem in Christian churches.
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