COUC 502 Quiz 1

COUC 502 Quiz 1 Liberty University

  1. Review of the literature and research outcomes points to the argument that to understand the influences on human development is to simply answer the question of nature versus nurture.
  2. Which of the following areas of counselor education programs include study of theories of family and individuals as related to the transition across the lifespan?
  3. _____ was one of the pioneers in bringing an integrative model into the field of medicine.
  4. The _____ period of development involves adjusting to post work identity and the challenges of changing health.
  5. _____ studied the cognitive development of children as they think about the physical world.
  6. Which of the following ages corresponds to the developmental period of middle adulthood?
  7. _____ is defined as the orderly and sequential changes that occur in an organism over time, from the beginning until the end of life.
  8. Life maturation processes and _____ shape the individual’s life at any stage of human development.
  9. Human development is both multidimensional and multidirectional.
  10. _____, the premier accreditation body of counselor education programs, requires their accredited programs to include at least _____ course(s) in human growth and development.
  11. In an experiment, the variable being manipulated is called the dependent variable.
  12. Which of the psychosocial stages of development involves a positive outcome of wisdom and
  13. Which of the following is a challenge of laboratory research?
  14. A natural experiment is not considered a true experiment because the researcher is not able to manipulate or control the variables.
  15. _____’s _____ model argued that behavior followed by a rewarding stimulus would be more likely to recur and endure than that followed by a punishing consequence.
  16. The condition of creating new schema is called assimilation.
  17. A result of _____ interactions could be that children whose parents have rejected them may have difficulty developing positive relationships with their friends or peers.
  18. _____’s theory of _____ development describes how humans gather and organize information and how this process changes developmentally.
  19. _____ provide(s) a framework for the study of human development that furthers scientific vision and stimulates the application of science for public policy and social programs.
  20. The Ecological Systems Theory developed by Albert Bandura has influenced developmental psychologists throughout the world.
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