COSC 661 Quiz 4

COSC 661 Quiz 4 Liberty University

  1. School counselors strive to facilitate school conditions that facilitate academic, emotional, social, behavioral, and physical safety. Academic safety involves:
  2. Students will be able to identify at least three healthy responses when someone challenges them to a fight (all age groups) is an example of a:
  3. Which of the following emotions are the strongest stress triggers?
  4. Which of the following is(are) the ultimate anti-stress weapon, according to Seaward (1994)?
  5. Which of the following curricular might a school counselor integrate the delivery of developmental curriculum?
  6. Which of the following are essential to your professional survival as a school counselor?
  7. Which of the following protects student against discrimination on the basis of sex, marital status, or pregnancy?
  8. School counselors are encouraged to view themselves as educators, in addition to counselors, because:
  9. Which of the following is one of the most difficult lesson for new counselors to learn?
  10. Small-group counseling is an effective means of implementing prevention and intervention services within comprehensive school counseling programs. Likewise, the research suggests that _______________________ can be as meaningful and provide interventions as powerfully as small group counseling.
  11. Fostering multiculturally meaningful education requires school counselors to embrace and articulate the following five aspect of safety, which are:
  12. Demonstrating respect for students’ personal and intellectual integrity involves:
  13. When consideringstress, it is important to understand that stress comes from the way in which we:
  14. Test-reaction-punishment cycles of classroom management are best replaced with connection-choice-empathic consequence cycles using approaches such as:
  15. Which of the following law prohibits the sharing of student information, even to parents?
  16. School counselors strive to facilitate school conditions that facilitate academic, emotional, social, behavioral, and physical safety. Behavioral safety involves:
  17. Gibson, Dollarhide, and Moss (in press) developed a process model for the development of professional identity which involves:
  18. Which of the following statements is not a school counselor’s responsibility pertaining to suspected child abuse or neglect?
  19. Which of the following outlines a procedure when serious doubt regarding a colleague’s ethical behavior arises, an ethical decision-making process, and when school counselors are forced to work in situations that do not align with the ethics of the profession?
  20. Educating as compared to teaching implies:
  21. Which of the following is involved with finding our moral center as counselors?
  22. Supervision can be conceptualized in terms of:
  23. School Counselors should have the following knowledge in the practice of developing a holistic picture of ethical counseling:
  24. Action research refers to:
  25. Clinicalrecords in the form of private notes kept in the sole possession of the counselor:
  26. In terms of facilitating a socially safe school, school counselors strive to create school conditions that foster:
  27. The most effective way for school counselor to meet the needs of students in the school is to:
  28. In terms of educating students, the ASCA National Model articulates important student competencies with the goal of:
  29. Which legislation requires schools to provide access to all school records to the parentsof minor students and to the students themselves after they reach the age of 18?
  30. A select portion of the working portfolio that is used for a specific purpose (a job interview or a consulting presentation, for example) is referred to as a:
  31. The conceptual aspects of integrating the developmental and academic curricula are facilitated by the concept of:
  32. Effective educators understand how students communicate, both verbally and nonverbally; they know what students value and why; they know how students identify with others, whom they identify with, and why. Which of the following is a strategy for developing and maintaining this type of connection with students?
  33. Which of the following is relied on when evaluating the effect of a classroom lesson?
  34. Students do not learn well when they are not able to focus – when events from their community, families, school, or classroom interfere with their ability to attend to learning.  Assessing barriers to learning requires that school counselors rely on a _______________ approach to viewing students and the context in which they live.
  35. A developmentally appropriate comprehensive school counseling curriculum is carefully planned, thoughtfully executed, and consistent with the core concepts of:
  36. The strongest stress triggers are the emotions of  _______________ and
  37. Discussions, debates, quiet reflection and writing, artwork, journaling, role playing, demonstrations, experiments, and field trips are all examples of:
  38. School counselors should are in need of lifelong professional training and education. Which of the following is considered an opportunity for continuing training:
  39. In general, it is most helpful to think of confidentiality as:
  40. As a professional school counselor, you must follow which ethical codes, and other codes as applicable to your work.
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