COSC 604 Quiz Final

  1. Because of the numerous professional demands placed on teachers, educators are calling for
  2. In the past decade, nearly ________children have been killed in or around schools due to violent behavior.
  3. Young people who are deeply troubled and who may consider suicide
  4. Elaborate language typically includes
  5. Studies by Christopher Jencks revealed that there is little evidence that school reform efforts
  6. The new working class is best identified as _________________.
  7. Studies show that when working-class students accept academically oriented school norms, they
  8. The addition of a large Asian American population to big-city schools has caused districts with desegregation plans to
  9. Studies indicate that the problems children experience as a result of being classified or placed in a special class or program
  10. Two Native American students have just joined the class. You want to foster mutual respect for cultural differences among your students, as well as enhance the learning of your two new students. Which of the following might help you the most?
  11. ______________ forced change in the school curriculum by steering children towards science and math.
  12. Behavioral objectives can be evaluated by measuring
  13. detailed policies and procedures for including children with disabilities in a regular classroom.
  14. New studies suggest that the core curriculum
  15. Kevin is on the curriculum development committee for a new school in his district. He believes that schools should focus on cultivating the intellect, instilling timeless values, and presenting the classics. What kind of curriculum is Kevin most likely to support?
  16. Stronger school-community ties intended to prepare students for problem-solving and active participation would be part of the
  17. Direct instruction has been criticized for not emphasizing
  18. stimulate(s) student engagement in learning and allow(s) students a more active role in their own learning.
  19. Partnership or adopt-a-school programs enable schools to
  20. Research on effective teaching might suggest that reform projects include a focus on
  21. Learners approach a learning task from a learning set which includes all of the following except
  22. The sinful self is still with us even after redemption and it
  23. According to your text, the Bible is meant to
  24. The textbook identifies all of these major sources of knowledge except
  25. According to your textbook, knowing requires
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