CJUS 601 Quiz 2

CJUS 601 Quiz 2 Liberty University

Set 1

  1. In a review of the average teacher salaries across school districts, Ms. Godfrey found a range from $35,000 to $65,000, with teachers in urban school districts generally earning more than those in rural and suburban school districts. Ms. Godfrey has done what:
  2. Which of these exists when the understanding of a social process or social setting is one that reflects the perspectives of the participants in the setting?
  3. The type of validity that is achieved when a measure measures what it is presumed to measure is
  4. Which of the following aspect of validity is the same as causal validity?
  5. Several different standards have been proposed as being uniquely suited to qualitative research, including _________ which means that it fairly reflects the perspectives of the participants in a study setting.
  6. ______________ reasoning begins from the general and moves to the specific.
  7. Sherman and Berk used which type of reasoning to conductive research described in the text on domestic violence?
  8. The variable that is hypothesized to cause or lead to variation in another variable is known as the _____________________ variable.
  9. A logically interrelated set of propositions about empirical reality is a
  10. Research which proceeds from data collection to theorizing is
  11. Inductive reasoning often enters into deductive research when unexpected findings in the data are found. These unexpected patterns are called
  12. If self-control is higher, then the number of delinquent acts is lower” is a(n):
  13. One of the theoretical assumptions that arise from ________________ is that people’s behavior is shaped by calculations of the costs and benefits of their actions.
  14. The process of conducting research using the deductive process begins with ____________.
  15. To what extent, and in what circumstances, is inductive research preferable to deductive research? Identify in your answer the strengths and weaknesses of both research approaches.

Set 2

  1. Scientific relevance means that research should be:
  2. Descriptive research is:
  3. A researcher investigates the association between urban gangs and violence. He then constructs a theory stating that violent behavior is a function of deviant subcultures. His research project is an example of:
  4. A researcher measures the fear community residents experience due to crime and the presence of police officers in a sample of urban neighborhoods. Based on findings, the researcher reports that there is no relation between fear of crime and police presence. This statement is:
  5. For the hypothesis “if gun control laws are stricter, crime will decrease”, ____________ is the independent variable and _____________ is the dependent variable.
  6. Which of the following is not a consideration when evaluating research questions?
  7. The primary source of research questions is:
  8. An independent variable is to a dependent variable as a:
  9. Which of the following is an example of a constant?
  10. The Sherman and Berk domestic violence study in Minneapolis and its replications suggested that arrest reduces recidivism in domestic cases only for employed persons. This conclusion was the result of:
  11. The statement, “If a prison inmate is visited more frequently then he will be more likely to follow prison rules” is an example of a:
  12. One of the most important requirements of theory is that it is:
  13. According to deterrence theory, punishment for a deviant act reduces the likelihood that a person will repeat the act. A researcher decides that it must therefore be likely that tougher gun control laws would reduce gun crimes. This is an example of:
  14. A researcher argues that individuals with low self-control are more likely to commit crimes than individuals with high self-control. The independent variable in this proposition can be stated most clearly as:
  15. the four phases of research on domestic violence. Write an essay in which you describe the extent to which scientific guidelines were (or were not) followed. Do you think that some guidelines are easier to adhere to in practice? Are some guidelines more important than others? Explain your answers.
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