CJUS 535 Test 2

CJUS 535 Test 2 Liberty University

  1. Provide 10 examples of information that is considered private.
  2. List the five factors to the intelligence function that should be covered in all public education initiatives.
  3. Explain the components involved with the DIKI continuum.
  4. Explain the five elements of the Handschu consent decree.
  5. Explain the three phases of Intelligence-Led policing development for a law enforcement agency.
  6. What are the key elements of Title 42 USC, Section 1983?
  7. Discuss, in detail, the ethical issues associated with Intelligence-Led policing strategies. Be sure to include a discussion on the impact of civil rights and privacy.
  8. Explain, in detail, the steps involved with ensuring the protection of citizen’s civil rights.
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