CJUS 534 Exam 3

CJUS 534 Exam 3 Liberty University

  1. What are some specific measures that law enforcement leaders can take to tackle the problem of human trafficking?
  2. Compare and contrast human trafficking and human smuggling.
  3. Discuss the challenges of policing human trafficking at the local level.
  4. What are some prevalent factors and commonalities in school shootings?
  5. What are the value of school resource offices with respect to school safety and intelligence gathering?
  6. Discuss how some governments are exacerbating the human trafficking problem with their policies on migrant workers.
  7. Discuss the concept of Critical Race Feminism (CRF) that is proposed in the article from Patton, et al.
  8. Describe the victim centered approach to trafficking employed by the United States.
  9. Discuss debt bondage and why it is so prevalent.
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