CJUS 530 Quiz 2

CJUS 530 Quiz 2 Liberty University Answers

  1. In the public workplace of criminal justice organization employees, there are numerous court cases that either hold an employee(s), the criminal justice organization or both accountable for intentional and sometimes unintentional deprivations of a citizen’s constitution rights in the form of a civil tort. There is a specific U.S. Supreme Court case that now will no longer allow the acceptance of the excuse of, “I didn’t know,” in that the justices indicated that in some cases there is a ‘duty to train employees’ to avoid such violations. Many times this case is referred to as the one that ‘opened the litigation door’ for the failure to reasonable train an employee. That case is
  2. Charisma is defined as that personal magic which arouses special loyalty, enthusiasm and respect for a beloved leader. Which of the following powers would charisma be placed?
  3. Communication serves four very important functions in a criminal justice organization. Those four functions are emotive function, motivational function, informational function and ______________________ function.
  4. In order for a public service organization to be strategically situated in its succession planning, personnel must be trained and be able to
  5. In conducing the performance appraisals for personnel the supervisor, manager, leader, etc. must always be aware of certain errors or effects that can skew a well thought out and well plan appraisal system. One of those effects is called the halo effect. It is described below as
  6. From the research works of Violanti and Marshall in the 1980s, they identified four transitory stages that a criminal justice employee (police) will go through in the course of a career. Those four stages are alarm, personalization, introspection and
  7. The Transportation Workplace Security Enhancement Act of 2009 was intended to
  8. Kentucky, Virginia, West Virginia and Tennessee all have an overweight and obesity rate at 65% or higher.
  9. There are three major steps to have a successful performance based management system for a criminal justice organization. Those steps are: 1. Define the organizational mission and the strategic performance objectives; 2. Establish an integrated performance system; and 3. Establish accountability for performance.
  10. In preparing an organization for change there are many models on the market in both old and new management books. The authors have used the SARA model as a very simple planning process to assisting a leader in taking his/her organizational change move to reach his targeted goal. The SARA model stands for Scanning, Analysis, Response and what other step?
  11. In reading about interpersonal conflict in one of the current textbooks more than one has been identified. Which of the following is not a type of interpersonal conflict?
  12. The decision‐making process consists of four specific steps. They are: 1. Translate goals into objectives, and then translate objectives into payoffs and utility; 2. Choose among alternatives; 3. Select the alternative whose consequences have the greatest utility; and 4. _
  13. When setting up a human resource system where employees are to be hired for tasks to be accomplished successfully, it is necessary that core competencies be established. In order words what do our future employees knew to know already and in what areas will they need training? Of the four following items three will be used to establish core competencies and one will not. Which one will not be used?
  14. In groups and teams within an organization cliques can form and several have been listed. Out of the following listing of cliques choose one that was listed in your readin
  15. Pay, fringe benefits (health, dental and life insurance as well as 401k and 457 savings plans, etc.) and long term retirement pensions are tools to both recruit and retain good employees over the long haul of an organizational life span. In setting up a full service human resources program, the importance of the properly funded viability of a living wage, acceptable (to the employees) fringe benefits and a secure pension plan are vital to the criminal justice organization’s success. As has been seen in previous years of economic downturn cycles, elected officials sometimes have been discovered to have under paid the full actuarial percentage amounts for pensions and used the monies for other legally funded purposes. Which listed term best describes this new, but yet old, practice by some elected legislative officials and local units of government?
  16. Essay (please be brief in stating your points succinctly, but yet be thorough)
One of the key items with which you will need to be familiar in your administrative future are the five types of power within any human resource organization, but more so in the criminal justice world as it is and of itself about the power of the state and your role within it. These will be used for your benefit and yet they may be used against you so it is important that you know and recognize their importance and usability. List the five types of power and define each one. Then explain how and under what circumstances each one can be used.
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