CJUS 400 Research Paper and Outline

Topic: An Affirmative Defense of Duress

Thesis statement: As an affirmative defense in life and death situations, duress is stronger than necessity because duress involves a direct and high-risk of harm to the victim, implies the absence of the victim’s consent, and leaves no alternative to the victim.



  • Be 5–8 pages in length (not including the Title page and the References page).
  • Use Times New Roman in 12 pt. font, be double spaced, and have 1 inch margins.
  • Use current APA formatting including page numbers with running heads in the upper right hand corner; a cover page with the title of the research paper, student name, course name, and instructor name; an abstract, a References Page with citations in current APA format.
  • Utilize academic writing (i.e. neutral gender, no personal pronouns (I, we, our), no rhetorical questions, etc).
  • Cite any idea that is not your own (In a good research paper there should be many citations, and remember the in text citations must be in current APA format).
  • Use at a minimum of 10 scholarly sources including journals from the field (online or hardcopy) and books (the ILRC-Integrated Learning Resource Center- has numerous sources available). Bible verses, case law, and statutes will not count as part of the 10 sources.
  • Be submitted via the SafeAssign link for a plagiarism check. The file you submit should be named in the following manner: lastname first initial_submission type (like rp1 for research proposal. For example: smithj_rp.doc (this would be J. Smith’s research paper).
  • Be written specifically for CJUS 400.
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