CJUS 320 Quiz 2

CJUS 320 Quiz 2 Liberty University

  1. Which of the following is a recommendation of the 1967 report by the President’s Commission on Law Enforcement and Administration of Justice?
  2. Where was the first U.S. penitentiary established?
  3. What is the primary function of prisons?
  4. About how many inmates did state and federal prisons hold in 1967?
  5. What is the security level of U.S. penitentiaries?
  6. Who was the first director of the Federal Bureau of Prisons?
  7. Which type of Federal Bureau of Prison facility handles the highest number of inmates?
  8. Which act exemplifies criminal statutes extending the authority of the federal government to prosecute new crimes that were difficult for local law enforcement agencies to handle?
  9. Which, according to Gowdy, is a factor contributing to the expansion of the private sector’s role in the penal system?
  10. When was the U.S. Department of Justice established?
  11. Which of the following is NOT one of the three major steps in the sentencing and release processes for discretionary parole?
  12. Which of the following early forms of parole originated on Norfolk Island in the nineteenth century and allowed the release of prisoners who had proven themselves through work and good behavior?
  13. Which of the following was created as a means to reduce disparity and make decision making more understandable to the public and inmates?
  14. Which of the following is a point determination for each inmate for use with parole guidelines?
  15. What was the first stage of the Irish system of release?
  16. What is a purpose of reentry courts?
  17. Which of the following was the ruling in the Gagnon v. Scarpelli case in 1973?
  18. Which nineteenth-century director of the Irish prison system created a four-stage system of graduated release from prison?
  19. Which of the following classifications pertaining to “supervision and conditions of parole” requires three contacts per month with at least one positive contact?
  20. How many contacts per month with at least one positive contact does a basic low classification pertaining to “supervision and conditions of parole” require?
  21. Which of the following is NOT a prison security level?
  22. Which of the following is NOT a factor inherent in correctional settings that hampers the provision of health services?
  23. How is order within the prison maintained?
  24. Which of the following is true of female inmates?
  25. What did Greenfeld and Snell’s publication on women offenders between 1986 and 1997 indicate?
  26. The highest number of people in the custody of state correctional authorities from 1980-2013 was due to which type of offense?
  27. Which of the following is NOT one of the three largest jurisdictions that combined hold more than one-third of all female prisoners?
  28. Crime is closely linked to which of the following?
    II. Poverty and drug use
    III. Lack of opportunity for legitimate economic success
  29. In which case did the Eighth Circuit Court suggest five criteria to be used to examine whether differences in prison programs discriminate against female inmates?
  30. What does Wilbanks state in The Myth of a Racist Criminal Justice System?
  31. In which of the following cases did the Supreme Court uphold the use of preventive detention pending trial for juveniles.
  32. What is a major difference between the juvenile and criminal justice systems?
  33. Which of the following is the formal processing of a juvenile offense through the juvenile court?
  34. What is the average age of arrested juvenile gang members?
  35. Which of the following is the process during which officials determine whether a juvenile case should be dismissed, handled informally, or referred to the juvenile court?
  36. In which of the following cases did the Supreme Court rule that in hearings in which juveniles may be committed to an institution, they have the right to counsel, to notice of the charges against them, to question witnesses, and to protection against self-incrimination?
  37. When did the Refuge Period develop?
  38. Which best describes children who may be without a parent or guardian, possibly because the parent is physically or mentally unable to act in that capacity?
  39. When and where was the first juvenile court established?
  40. What is the general removal of juveniles from correctional institutions and their introduction in community alternatives called?
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