CHPL 500 Quiz 1 Chaplain Historical Roots

CHPL 500 Quiz 1: Chaplain Historical Roots

  1. I did the required reading
  2. I watched the required videos
  3. Who was responsible for the Just War Theory, allowing Christians to serve ethically in the military?
  4. According to Mathisen, approximately when was the title “Chaplain” first attested?
  5. Who influenced Constantine to convert to Christianity?
  6. What is the date for the end of the First Crusade, in which chaplains served?
  7. What did Margrave Theoderic, the chaplain, do prior to battle against the Slavs in 982?
  8. The cappa of St. Martin illustrates the ideal to give to others when they are in need, an ideal shared by chaplains.
  9. According to Bergen, military chaplaincy has existed in recognizable form for more than ___ years.
  10. In which biblical battle did priests serve as chaplains by marching around the wall, bearing the presence of God?
  11. In 312 AD Roman Empire Constantine had a religious experience in battle that led him to Christianize the Empire and Army, and paved the way for Christian chaplains in future centuries.
  12. What major event occurred in 312AD, an event which ultimately led to the start of Christian chaplaincy?
  13. Pope Gregory IX authorized chaplains to
  14. According to Matisen, in the Roman Empire prior to 312AD, the Chief Priest was supremely responsible for
  15. According to Mathisen, clergy (pre-chaplain) of which pagan god best met the personal needs of soldiers during the Roman imperial period?
  16. Christians chaplains were first able to serve in the Roman Army due to what significant event?
  17. The first settlers in America brought chaplains with them to the Colonies
  18. Who was the patron saint of the Franks that cut his cappa to cover a homeless man?
  19. In August of 1138 during the famous Battle of the Standard, what did the bishops do?
  20. Based on the video, who was a precursor to the military chaplaincy, taking 300 men against a much greater number?
  21. The first major assault of the Fourth Crusade on July 5, 1203 in which chaplains served, was against who?
  22. Hugh Peter, one of the most active recruiters for the Irish Expedition was a(n) __________ in the 17th century.
  23. In the early Middle Ages, chaplains assisted social groups express their identity in which object?
  24. According to Dr. Keith in The Early Foundations of Chaplaincy 27BC-1600AD, Augustine argued that, theologically, Christians can serve in the military.
  25. According to Dr. Keith in The Early Foundations of Chaplaincy 27BC-1600AD, who found victory for the Lord amidst great odds, exemplifying the actions of a chaplain by carrying the sword of the Lord into battle?
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