CHMN 679 Exam 1

CHMN 679 Exam 1 Liberty University

Also includes a 10-page study guide

  1. Which people groups are currently migrating to the United States in significant numbers?
  2. According to Paul, which of the following is most useful for equipping others for every good work?
  3. The final eternal state of believers is:
  4. If you are faithful to the gospel message throughout your ministry, you will receive:
  5. Which one of the following is not a major category of Church History, generally speaking?
  6. To “Preach the Word” means to:
  7. If you live what you teach, you should expect to be:
  8. What kind of a world do we live in that allows us to know more people in more places?
  9. As messengers of the Word, preachers _________________.
  10. We are not just part of the local church, we are part of the ______ Church.
  11. The Holy Spirit is:
  12. Which of the following are reasons to study Church History?
  13. How do things in nature grow, thus illustrating how we grow as Christians?
  14. Salvation “by grace through faith” means:
  15. As followers of Christ, we should learn about other religions, worldviews, and beliefs so we can . . .
  16. The Church is:
  17. Expositional preachers affirm which of the following:
  18. “. . . the best way to read Scripture and to draw theological conclusions is to interpret a given text of Scripture in its:
  19. Church History can be described as the ________   __________.
  20. Church History can be traced in large degree through _________ and
  1. The orthodox understanding of the Trinity is:
  2. Ecosystem growth requires us to think about growth from what two orientations?
  3. The orthodox understanding of the incarnation of Jesus is:
  4. The traditional view of the inspiration and inerrancy of Scripture means:
  5. “. . . given that Scripture is God’s Word, from the triune God who is the sovereign-personal, omniscient Lord of the universe, we expect:
  6. Sermons take place   ______________.
  7. The Old Testament read, interpreted, and taught correctly makes one:
  8. Who said the following, “Most evangelicals act as if nothing of eternal significance happened twenty years prior to their birth?”
  9. Which is not a key passage/scripture for Apologetics
  10. “Scripture begins with the declaration that God, as Creator and triune Lord, is the and King of the universe.”
  1. Which of the following is an element of the Redemptive Nature of Preaching?
  2. As we think about the nations and peoples of the world, which of the following should be the goal of the church?
  3. Which of the following best represent everyday apologetics?
  4. What does 2 Timothy 2:15 say?
  5. Who should engage in apologetics?
  6. The purpose and goal of apologetics is to win arguments.
  7. We grow best spiritually when we are connected to one another in the Body of Christ.
  8. All the 63 commands of Jesus can be summarized by the 3 big commands.
  9. We see God’s heart for the peoples of the world only in isolated scriptures like Matthew 28:18-20 and Acts 1:8, so it is good practice for a church to focus on missions or the peoples of the world at isolated events throughout the year.
  10. It is our job to convert others.
  11. Scripture uses an ecological to inform our understanding of spiritual growth.
  12. How we engage others is an important part of the task of apologetics.
  13. In Matthew 28:19-20, the command is to “Make disciples.”
  14. The three participles modifying the command to make disciples are “inviting, baptizing, and teaching.”
  15. The three commands emphasized by Jesus are Love God, Love One Another and Love Your Neighbor.
  16. The authors of Kingdom through Covenant provide a survey of varying views and definitions of Biblical theology. Afterwards, they provide a summary of what they mean when they use the term Biblical theology. How are the authors of Kingdom through Covenant using the term “Biblical theology?” In other words, what is their definition of the term?
  17. What is the authors’ stated purpose for writing Kingdom through Covenant?
  18. Discuss what is meant by the “active obedience” and then the “passive obedience” of Jesus Christ.
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