CHHI 302 Research Exercise 2

Liberty CHHI 302 Research Exercise 2

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The Guy Fawkes Plot

The Guy Fawkes Plot, popularly known as the Gunpowder Plot of 1605 or the Jesuit Treason, was a planned and plotted attack against King James I of England by the Catholic community. The plot was to “blow up” the House of the Lords during the opening of the Parliament on November 5th 1605.  Guy Fawkes was put in charge but arrested with a lantern and a fuse in his hand.  Lord Monteagle received a letter warning him not to go to the country because of the attack on the Parliament.  In turn, Lord Monteagle shared the letter with the King, therefore causing the arrest of the plotters, including Guy Fawkes. The writer of this article asks the question; “Why after 400 years, do we still remember the 5th of November.”

Parry, Graham The Guy Fawkes Plot The Guardian [London (UK)] 05 Nov 2005: 8. 2048/docview/216203729


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