CHHI 302 Research Exercise 1

Liberty CHHI 302 Research Exercise 1 Answers

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Galileo, Science and the Church

Galileo was condemned at Rome in 1633 for upholding a theory that the earth rotates around the sun.  The Catholic and Protestant church had always been hostile toward science.  Galileo was a religious man who thought that understanding the universe would help him understand his creator better.  Before Galileo came up with him hypothesis, the universities taught that the earth did not move, and that the sun and moon revolved around the earth.  Many portions of Galileo’s theory were false, but none of them were dangerous to believe in a way that was attacking or even challenging the church.  Galileo was more of physicist that an astronomer, yet he defended his position against anyone who crossed him.  When the pope (Urban VIII) asked Galileo to present his hypothesis, Galileo did so in such a way that he severely offended the pope.  Galileo was demanding that his position was the only correct one, and that the people should put their faith in his position.  Because the church interpreted the Bible literally, they stood on scripture as evidence for a stationary earth.  Galileo was condemned and regarded at a heretic.  He was not tortured or thrown in prison as some say.  He lived comfortably at his home in Florence under a kind of house arrest.

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