CHHI 300 Quiz 4

CHHI 300 Quiz 4 Liberty University

  1. Which practice did Whitefield not popularize?
  2. Which of these were not part of Finney’s New Measures?
  3. Two of these denominations experienced tremendous growth during the Second Great Awakening and one did not. Which one did not?
  4. Which country focused on exploring Canada?
  5. The first black denomination formed in the United States was the
  6. William Miller began the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
  7. The Halfway Covenant was an idea where people have their _______________ baptized even if they weren’t a part of a church.
  8. Open communion means that
  9. After the American Revolution, the __________________ changed their name to the Episcopal Church
  10. The first group to evanglize the Americas were the
  11. The Holiness movement led to Pentecostalism.
  12. Many Utopian communities are still in existence, but the Mormons are the largest.
  13. Which one is not a function of the First Great Awakening?
  14. The colony of Plymouth consisted largely of
  15. When many Amish decided to come to America, many of them came to a state where a form of religious was practiced:
  16. The driving force for Baptists to unify was
  17. Which one of the following was not a function of the camp meetings?
  18. Leaders for the First Great Awakening included Jonathan Edwards and
  19. Which movement developed from the First Great Awakening?
  20. may be considered as the first American celebrity.
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