CEFS 546 Quiz Anxiety

CEFS 546 Quiz: Anxiety, Trauma- Stress-Related, Obsessive- Compulsive Disorders

  1. Which of the following scientific methods uses random assignment?
  2. A common focus of most effective psychological treatments for the anxiety disorders is
  3. Women are more likely to be diagnosed with anxiety disorders because they are more
  4. A genotype is illustrated by which of the following?
  5. One would expect items on a depression assessment measure to have
  6. Which of the following correlation coefficient values demonstrates the highest degree of correlation?
  7. Hippocrates’ early views on mental health contributed to an enduring emphasis on
  8. Exorcism was used on people who demonstrated odd behavior because:
  9. Diane has repetitive thoughts that her house will catch on fire. She repeatedly checks the stove to make sure it is turned off. Diane’s compulsive behavior serves to
  10. The difference between anxiety and fear is that
  11. The principal cognitive explanation for the etiology of agoraphobia is the
  12. The fear circuit that is particularly important in explaining panic disorder is called the
  13. Systematically rewarding desirable behavior and extinguishing undesirable behavior is the centerpiece of which behavioral theory?
  14. Jones encourages her clients, under hypnosis, to recall childhood traumas and the emotions associated with them. This technique was developed by
  15. Culture shapes all of the following EXCEPT:
  16. Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of stigma?
  17. People who compulsively check their appearance and spend countless hours staring at themselves in the mirror will likely be diagnosed as having
  18. When you feel hungry and immediately seek out food, this is an example of the __________ acting.
  19. The most common disorder comorbid with anxiety disorders is
  20. Which research method would be most useful in generating hypotheses about the cause of a newly discovered, rare abnormality?
  21. “Approximately 1500 new cases of AIDS were diagnosed in 1988 in Chicago.” This is an example of the estimate of the __________ of AIDS.
  22. Studies of psychopathology among different cultures and ethnicities have shown that eating disorders are more common among __________, while schizophrenia is more common among
  23. According to behavior genetics research,
  24. Which research design is illustrated by the following? A therapist gathers data showing that, repeatedly, a patient is better on days his wife visits and worse on days when she does not.
  25. The best definition of mental disorder takes all of the following into account EXCEPT:
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