CCOU 302 Reflection Paper

CCOU 302 Reflection Paper


Write a 500–750-word personal Reflection Paper on childhood brain integration based on the Siegel & Bryson textbook The Whole-Brain Child. Discuss how your new understanding of brain development might influence or change the way you would counsel a child. Give some personal thoughts about how this book brought insight into understanding how a child behaves, thinks, and processes information and how to integrate these concepts into counseling (or raising) children.

This is a personal reflection paper; therefore, first-person writing (the use of “I”) is acceptable.  However, you must include at least 3–4 citations within the paper to support the ideas that you have learned from the Siegel & Bryson textbook.

Include the following in the Reflection Paper:

  1. Include a title page, but it is NOT necessary to include an abstract.
  2. Write a personal reflection paper as outlined above with 3–4 citations included.
  3. Provide a reference page with the Siegel & Bryson textbook as the source.
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