BUSI 735 Case Study Employee Goals


Respond to the following case scenario by applying topics and theories learned from the currentmodule.Amy Werner took a job at the New York City-based search firm On-Ramps just overthree years ago. Amy joined at an integral time in the firm’s growth and quickly became a keyasset to the small firm. Sarah Grayson, one of the firm’s founding partners, manages Amy andexplains, “Amy has a lot of institutional knowledge and is a high performer.” When she firstbegan, she was working toward a degree in social work but taking classes at nights and on theweekends. A year and a half into the job, Amy’s school schedule became more complicated. Herinternship requirements made working a traditional, full-time schedule difficult. Because of herstar performance, Sarah and her fellow partners were keen to keep her on board whileencouraging her to complete her degree.

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