BIBL 471 Quiz 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8

BIBL 471 Quiz Creation to Patriarchs

  1. Archaeology has confirmed many of the social practices of the Patriarchs by showing examples of these practices elsewhere in Ancient Near Eastern society.
  2. A glazed piece of pottery has been excavated at Tall el-Hammam and scientifically identified as
  3. Bryant Wood has proposed which site for the southern location of biblical Sodom?
  4. Which of the following is not an Ancient Near Eastern Creation Epic Flood Account?
  5. The Ipuwer Papyrus is important because it
  6. The Merneptah Stele contains the name of Abraham.
  7. Based on the political and social customs of the time, which period does Albright
  8. The Sumerian numbering system was called:
  9. In the Sodom account (Gen 13), the Hebrew term kikkār refers to a geographic area called the
  10. Which site is not a proposed location for Noah’s Ark?

BIBL 471 Quiz Dead Sea Scrolls Acts and Epistles

  1. Most scholars agree that the members of Qumran, who called themselves Yahad, were a part of the following group:
  2. The Herodium or Herodion can best be described as what?
  3. According to the Zondervan Handbook, the term “Asiarchs,” mentioned by Luke in Acts 19:31, has been identified on an inscription from which city?
  4. What discovery from Masada has proved the historicity of King Herod?
  5. In 1980 a family tomb was excavated in East Talpiot, a suburb of Jerusalem and the ossuaries were discovered with inscriptions of the names of:
  6. The location of the Dead Sea Scrolls is known today by its Arabic name which is?
  7. Which site has two medallion mosaics with a quote from Romans 13:3, “Do you wish to have no reason to fear the authority”?
  8. The Dead Sea Scrolls were first discovered by:
  9. Which New Testament name has not been confirmed by an inscription?
  10. The term “politarchs,” mentioned by Luke in Acts 17:6, 8, has been identified on an inscription in Thessalonica.

BIBL 471 Quiz Evidence from Archaeology

  1. The Nag Hammadi Library are important because they help us understand the beliefs of what group?
  2. What is the earliest extant manuscript of the New Testament?
  3. There is a good possibility that the Jerusalem Papyrus is
  4. An uncial manuscript is defined as:
  5. One of the most important hand-written four-column uncial manuscript is the:
  6. What events are depicted by the Beni-Hasan Mural?
  7. What did the Masorete scribes add to the Old Testament text?
  8. What are Ostraca?
  9. What does Tetagrammaton means?
  10. Tel Mardikh has been identified as what ancient city?

BIBL 471 Quiz Exodus to Conquest

  1. What is the reason for why archaeologists have not found evidence of widespread destruction from the conquest?
  2. What is Mt. Ebal famous for having?
  3. Abel-Shittim, which is the location of Israel’s encampment prior to entering the Promised Land, is identified by most scholars as the Late Bronze Age area around which site?
  4. The site of Ai has been identified with what archaeological site?
  5. Bryant Wood prefers which site for the location of Mount Sinai?
  6. Who was the first archaeologist to do significant excavation at Jericho?
  7. Which of the following is not one of the Conquest Theories?
  8. Scholars believe that the Berlin Statue Pedestal Relief contains what name in Egyptian Hieroglyphs?
  9. Which site has David Rohl and others suggested may have contained the house and tomb of Joseph.
  10. Brad C. Sparks claims that some 90 Egyptian papyrus demonstrate similar parallels to the Exodus.

BIBL 471 Quiz Introduction to Biblical Archaeology

  1. The Wheeler-Kenyon method is:
  2. Diagnostic sherds used for identifying the whole pottery vessel and their dates are:
  3. Graves refers to the first “archaeologists” as whom?
  4. What biblical people group did scholars doubt ever existed, until archaeological evidence proved otherwise?
  5. Which is not an archaeological fallacy?
  6. Where does the term “archaeology” come from?
  7. Sir Flinders Petrie “ushered in the era of modern scientific archaeology” by employing:
  8. Which of the following is not a limitation to Archaeology?
  9. According to Dr. Graves, the first “scientific” attempt at archaeology was conducted at:
  10. Which of the following is not a contribution of Archaeology to Biblical Studies?

BIBL 471 Quiz Jesus and the Gospels

  1. The new pool of Siloam discovery is located at Birkeh Silwan.
  2. What does the Theodotus Inscription described?
  3. Where did Ehud Netzer believes he has discovered the tomb of Herod the Great?
  4. What first century burial practices were used by Jews?
  5. An inscription on Absalom’s Tomb mentions:
  6. The ossuary of what man, who presided over the trial of Jesus, was found in Jerusalem?
  7. Where do some scholars believe that Herod Antipas was living when he arrested John the Baptist?
  8. The inscription, that mentioned the first extrabiblical name of Pontius Pilate, was found in what city?
  9. What was the shape of the Byzantine basilica built over the structure believed to be Peter’s house discovered at Capernaum?
  10. The “Jesus Boat” was actually used by Jesus.

BIBL 471 Revelation

  1. The Asklepion in Pergamum was a similar to our modern day…
  2. Koester suggests that the imagery of “hot, cold, and lukewarm” that John used in the message to Laodicea, is likely an allusion to what in the city?
  3. Which external problem did not affect the Churches in Revelation?
  4. What was the altar in the synagogue at Sardis decorated with?
  5. Thyatira was known for its…
  6. A local reference is a reference to:
  7. What is the Greek practice of adding number values to letters to create a single number (like 666 ) called?
  8. What is not associated by scholar with the “seat of Satan” at Pergamum?
  9. The city of Philadelphia was prone to
  10. The statue of the goddess Artemis portrayed in Ephesus is depicted standing beside a dog and holding a bow.

BIBL 471 United and Divided Monarchy and Exile

  1. The Abecedary found at Tel Zayit is one of the earliest
  2. Which is not archaeological evidence for the urbanization of Khirbet Qeiyafa during the time of King David?
  3. During the time of Hezekiah, The Taylor Prism preserves Sennacherib’s account of his seige against what city?
  4. A seal impression (bulla) found during the Temple Mount Sifting project reads:
  5. What famous inscription was discovered at Tell eṣ-Ṣafi?
  6. The famous inscription mentioning the “House of David” was found where?
  7. Eilat Mazar has uncovered the remains of a fine monumental structure known as a Large Stone Structure, which she believes is
  8. What Israelite king is depicted on the Black Obelisk of Shalmaneser III?
  9. What was discovered at Tel Reḥōv by Amihai Mazar in 2005?
  10. Which of the following is not a good reason for why we have been unable to find more archaeological evidence of King David and Solomon?
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